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An abbreviation of "Incredibly Absurd Resolution", when absurdres just doesn't cut it for describing an image's dimensions. Sized more than 10,000 pixels in either direction.

Usually applicable when one or both of the image's dimensions is in the 5-digit range.

See Also:

lowres (less than 500x500)
highres (at least 1600x1200)
absurdres (at least 3200x2400)
huge_filesize (at least 10 MB)

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 1boy 1girl absurdres age_difference artist_name bar_censor beach belly blue_eyes blue_hair blue_shirt breasts bright_pupils censored clothes_pull clothing_aside cloud cloudy_sky cowgirl_position creatures_(company) english_text fanbox_username fat fat_man feet game_freak gnsisir grabbing grabbing_another's_breast grabbing_from_behind groping guided_penetration hairband hand_on_another's_stomach happy happy_sex hat heart hetero highres huge_filesize imminent_penetration imminent_vaginal incredibly_absurdres lana_(pokemon) large_penis legs loli lube navel nintendo nipples nipples_through_clothes no_sclera ocean older_man_and_younger_girl one-piece_swimsuit one_eye_closed open_mouth paid_reward_available pants pants_pull penis petite pokemon pokemon_sm pussy sandals shadow shirt short_hair size_difference sky small_breasts smile straddling sweat swimsuit swimsuit_aside tan teeth towel watermark web_address white_pupils white_shirt
 absurdres badge belt black_belt black_bow black_bowtie black_jacket bow bowtie bright_pupils brown_eyes character_counter_request character_request chinese_commentary closed_eyes commentary_request copyright_request corsage cup dress_shirt drinking_glass expressionless falling_petals flower formal garma_zabi grey_vest gundam hand_on_another's_chin hand_up hat high_collar highres holding holding_cup incredibly_absurdres jacket light_smile long_image looking_at_viewer mask military_uniform multiple_views naoki_(2rzmcaizerails6) no_eyes old old_man petals purple_flower purple_hair red_ribbon ribbon shirt standing suit_jacket sunglasses tall_image uniform vest white_flower wine_glass
 1girl a2_(agenta2) absurdres arms_up ball_gag bdsm bed_sheet black_skirt black_socks bondage bound bra breasts clothes_lift gag highres incredibly_absurdres kaguya-sama_wa_kokurasetai_~tensai-tachi_no_renai_zunousen~ kneehighs medium_breasts navel no_shoes panties restrained sex_toy shinomiya_kaguya shirt_lift shoes short_sleeves skirt socks solo stomach underwear unworn_shoes vibrator watermark white_bra white_panties
 1girl a2_(agenta2) absurdres animal_ear_hairband animal_ears ass bdsm black_hair blush bondage bound breasts cat_ear_hairband cat_ears cloth_gag cuffs dildo fake_animal_ears gag gagged hair_ornament hairband handcuffs highres improvised_gag incredibly_absurdres kaguya-sama_wa_kokurasetai_~tensai-tachi_no_renai_zunousen~ panties parted_bangs restrained rope sex_toy shinomiya_kaguya small_breasts solo underwear unworn_hair_ornament watermark white_panties
 3others absurdres air_bubble animal bodysuit bubble clothesline commentary_request day diving_suit fish glass grass green_theme highres incredibly_absurdres ladder leaf lily_pad lobster multiple_others original outdoors photosynthesis plant scenery seaweed solid_oval_eyes standing sunlight swimming toufu_(inu_no_mayuge) underwater very_wide_shot water wetsuit yawning
 3girls absurdres ankle_strap asta_(honkai:_star_rail) barefoot black_dress black_gloves black_jacket black_shorts blush bookshelf breasts closed_mouth controller couch crossed_legs crystal_ball curtains doll_joints dress eyebrows_hidden_by_hair feet food frown fruit game_controller gloves grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hat head_on_another's_shoulder herta_(honkai:_star_rail) highres holding holding_controller holding_game_controller honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) incredibly_absurdres jacket joints legs legs_on_another's_lap long_bangs long_hair multiple_girls nail_polish on_couch open_mouth orange_hair plant portrait potted_plant purple_eyes shirt shorts signature sitting small_breasts smile soles songzzz stelle_(honkai:_star_rail) toenail_polish toenails toes trailblazer_(honkai:_star_rail) watermelon watermelon_slice white_dress white_hat white_shirt window_shadow

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