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A flotation device used as a swimming aid, especially by young children and older persons who cannot swim. So called because it resembles (and in early times, probably was) the inner tube of a car tire.

On Gelbooru, often constructed of transparent material for better visibility of the wearer.

A lifebuoy is visually similar, but its use and usual material composition are different.

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 2boys ^_^ aged_down ahoge america_(hetalia) animal_costume animal_ears anime_coloring apron axis_powers_hetalia bear bear_costume bear_mask black-framed_eyewear black_jacket black_leotard black_ribbon black_sleeves black_socks black_suit blonde_hair blue_shirt blue_sleeves blush_stickers bodysuit brown_eyes brown_sleeves brown_sweater canada_(hetalia) closed_eyes closed_mouth collar collared_shirt commentary_request covering_face crossdressing crying duck_innertube english_text fake_animal_ears fake_tail floppy_ears formal from_behind glasses green_male_swimwear hair_ornament hairclip hands_on_own_knees hands_on_own_shoulders hat holding holding_clothes holding_hat holding_mask holding_scroll holding_stuffed_toy holding_swim_ring horse innertube jacket knee_up kneehighs layered_sleeves leotard light_blush light_frown long_sleeves male_focus male_playboy_bunny male_swimwear mask medium_skirt mixed-language_text multicolored_background multiple_boys multiple_drawing_challenge neck_ribbon necktie nineo nipples one_eye_closed open_mouth pajamas parted_bangs pleated_skirt police police_uniform rabbit_ears rabbit_tail red_necktie red_pajamas red_shirt red_skirt red_sleeves reins ribbon school_uniform scroll shirt short_hair sitting skirt smile snorkel socks squatting streaming_tears stuffed_animal stuffed_toy suit suspenders sweater swim_ring swim_trunks tail tears teddy_bear uniform upper_body v-neck wavy_mouth white_apron white_collar white_hat white_innertube white_ribbon white_shirt yellow_bodysuit
 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders beach bikini blue_archive blush breasts cleavage collarbone collared_shirt commentary dress_shirt green_eyes hair_bun halo highres huge_breasts innertube kakumayu light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer nonomi_(blue_archive) nonomi_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) official_alternate_costume open_mouth shirt shore single_side_bun smile solo swim_ring swimsuit thighs wet white_shirt
 1girl ahoge ass ball beach beach_house beach_umbrella beachball bikini bikini_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky blurry blurry_foreground blush bow bow_hairband breasts cloud cloudy_sky day dot_nose dutch_angle film_grain flower frilled_skirt frills from_side game_cg hair_ornament hair_scrunchie hairband hibiscus innertube itsumura_haruka izumi_tsubasu lens_flare long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails non-web_source official_art open_mouth outdoors palm_tree purple_bow purple_hairband purple_sailor_collar purple_scrunchie purple_trim re:stage! red_flower sailor_collar scrunchie see-through see-through_shirt see-through_skirt sideboob signpost skirt sky small_breasts smile solo sparkle splashing striped_innertube sun surfboard swim_ring swimsuit tree twintails twisted_torso umbrella very_long_hair wading white_bikini
 1girl absurdres amagami angel_wings artist_name blush brown_eyes brown_hair character_name chibi cube doughnut food full_body glasses halo highres ice_cream_cone innertube leaf leaf_censor macaron medium_hair open_mouth rabiyamarabi sakurai_rihoko saliva shell shell_bikini solo standing starfish_hair_ornament stuffed_animal stuffed_crocodile stuffed_toy swim_ring wings
 >_< 2boys antlers black_hair blush_stickers chibi closed_eyes commentary_request hat horns innertube looking_at_viewer magu_pink male_focus merry_(one_piece) monkey_d._luffy multiple_boys ocean one_piece open_mouth reindeer_antlers sand scar scar_on_face short_hair signature sky straw_hat swim_ring thousand_sunny tony_tony_chopper
 1boy black_hair blue_eyes blue_shorts bracelet cola crossed_legs from_above full_body fushiguro_touji hand_on_own_cheek hand_on_own_face highres holding holding_paper innertube jewelry jujutsu_kaisen male_focus max801115 on_bench paper phone pink_innertube sandals scar scar_on_face scar_on_mouth shorts signature solo swim_ring topless_male water

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