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The character is holding his or her own hair. Exclusive of hair_twirling.

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 1girl blue_eyes blue_hair bow breasts bustier choker closed_mouth commentary crying crying_with_eyes_open earrings floral_background frilled_shirt frills frown gradient_hair hair_bow hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_own_chest heart heart_earrings heart_necklace highres holding holding_hair holding_own_hair jewelry kao_o0 light_bulb lips long_hair looking_at_mirror looking_at_viewer mirror multicolored_hair nail_polish necklace original parted_bangs pink_nails red_background red_hair reflection_focus ring shampoo_bottle shirt sleeves_past_elbows small_breasts solo straight-on symbol-only_commentary tears twintails upper_body wavy_hair white_shirt
 1girl absurdres adjusting_hair armpits arms_behind_head arms_up blue_hair breasts cleavage closed_eyes collarbone commentary gym_shirt hair_between_eyes hair_intakes hair_ornament hair_tie hair_tie_in_mouth hairclip hands_in_hair hashtag_only_commentary highres holding holding_hair long_hair makeup medium_breasts mouth_hold original ponytail rubber_band saki_(the_atko) shirt solo stomach sweat the_atko tying_hair upper_body
 1girl ahoge androgynous black-framed_eyewear black_gloves black_necktie black_pants bright_pupils brown_shirt collared_shirt cowboy_shot creatures_(company) ear_piercing earrings expressionless eyes_visible_through_hair game_freak glasses gloves green_hair highres holding holding_hair holding_own_hair jewelry long_hair looking_to_the_side low_ponytail necktie necktie_grab neckwear_grab nikomako-riff nintendo pants piercing pokemon pokemon_sv red_eyes reverse_trap rika_(pokemon) shirt shirt_tucked_in sideways_glance simple_background solo suspenders sweatdrop swept_bangs white_background white_pupils
 1girl absurdres aipa arm_at_side arm_support armpit_crease bare_arms bare_legs black_dress blue_archive blue_eyes blush breasts china_dress chinese_clothes collared_dress commentary_request cosplay curvy double_bun dragon_print dress eyelashes feet_out_of_frame hair_bun halo hand_up highres hip_vent holding holding_hair kisaki_(blue_archive) kisaki_(blue_archive)_(cosplay) long_hair mechanical_halo medium_breasts no_bra parted_lips print_dress purple_hair red_pupils sidelocks simple_background sitting sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo straight_hair thighs tsurime twintails very_long_hair white_background yokozuwari yuuka_(blue_archive)
 2boys black_scarf blazer blue_jacket brown_hair cannibalism closed_eyes commentary_request grey_eyes holding holding_hair hyoudou_kazuya itou_kaiji jacket kaiji long_hair looking_at_another male_focus multiple_boys open_mouth scarf short_hair teeth upper_body zvz_(tt82295946)
 1girl alternate_hairstyle black_ribbon closed_mouth cross_tie embarrassed hair_over_shoulder hair_ribbon hands_up higeki_no_genkyou_tonaru_saikyou_gedou_last_boss_joou_wa_tami_no_tame_ni_tsukushimasu holding holding_hair long_hair looking_at_viewer nervous pride_royal_ivy purple_eyes red_hair red_theme ribbon signature simple_background sketch solo spoken_squiggle squiggle suzunosuke_(sagula) sweat swept_bangs twintails wavy_mouth white_background

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