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The 2015 tag applies when an image contains the year 2015 or makes reference to it.

2015 is the year of the sheep_(chinese_zodiac) in the chinese_zodiac.

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1girl 2015 ahoge chinese_zodiac commentary_request facing_viewer floral_print full_body fur_collar furisode hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon happy_new_year hisaki_hiyori horns japanese_clothes kimono long_sleeves medium_hair nekotoufu nengajou new_year obi original pink_hair print_kimono purple_kimono ribbon sash seiza sheep_horns simple_background sitting smile solo translated white_background white_ribbon wide_sleeves year_of_the_goat yellow_background
 1girl 2015 artist_name ass black_hair blush brown_eyes calligraphy calligraphy_brush floral_print_kimono from_behind happy_new_year japanese_clothes kimono kuzukago_(bitchmaker) lace_trim long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back new_year obi original paintbrush panties parted_lips partially_visible_vulva pink_kimono print_kimono profile purple_panties sash socks solo squatting thong tiptoes underwear white_background white_socks
 10s 1girl 2015 anniversary armor banner bikini bikini_armor blush boots breasts cleavage collarbone fur-trimmed_boots fur_trim hairband happy_anniversary holding karu_gamo looking_at_viewer minna_de_mamotte_knight navel pink_armor pink_background pink_bikini pink_eyes pink_footwear pink_hair pixel_art plump pom_pom_(clothes) short_hair shoulder_pads small_breasts smile squatting swimsuit
 1girl 2015 beanie bird boots border branch closed_mouth coat dated green_scarf grey_background hat highres looking_at_viewer nora_(kukumaka23) orange_hair orange_skirt original outside_border pom_pom_(clothes) red_eyes scarf short_hair skirt sleeves_past_wrists smile snow snowflakes snowing snowman solo sprout standing striped_clothes striped_scarf triangle trowel white_border white_coat winter
 2015 3d absurdres alternate_universe blender_(medium) box_art cannon caterpillar_tracks character_name cold_war commentary concept_art dated english_commentary english_text fake_box_art gunpla highres light machinery mecha military military_vehicle mixed-language_text model_kit motor_vehicle multiple_views no_humans original photoshop_(medium) radar_dish radome realistic robot roundel tank united_states_army uzuki_(uzukinokaze) variations vietnam_war walker_(robot)
 1boy 1girl 2015 blue_eyes blue_fur blue_hair blush bracelet breasts chromapan collar cum cum_in_mouth cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_upper_body dark-skinned_male dark_skin fox fox_girl furry furry_female furry_with_non-furry gold handsfree_paizuri highres interspecies inverted_nipples jewelry krystal large_breasts nintendo nipples paizuri penis star_fox star_fox_adventures uncensored veins veiny_penis

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