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An inverted nipple (occasionally invaginated nipple) is a nipple that, instead of pointing outward, is retracted into the breast. In some cases, the nipple will be temporarily protruded if stimulated, but in others, the inversion remains regardless of stimulus. Women and men can have inverted nipples.

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 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders black_sports_bra blonde_hair blush breasts clothes_lift clothing_cutout covered_erect_nipples cropped_sweater detached_sleeves elegg_(nikke) gloves goddess_of_victory:_nikke hair_intakes hair_over_eyes highres indoors inverted_nipples lifting_own_clothes long_bangs looking_at_viewer mea_(manami030) multicolored_clothes multicolored_gloves nipples see-through shoulder_cutout solo sports_bra tongue tongue_out upper_body yellow_eyes yellow_gloves
 1girl absurdres arms_up black-framed_eyewear blue_archive blue_sweater blush bondtanuki bouncing_breasts breasts brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth clothes_lift glasses halo highres inverted_nipples large_breasts lifted_by_self long_sleeves looking_at_viewer moe_(blue_archive) mouth_hold navel nipples no_bra smile solo stomach sweater sweater_lift upper_body
 1girl bags_under_eyes black_hair black_sailor_collar black_serafuku black_shirt black_skirt blue_archive blunt_bangs blush breasts breasts_out clothes_lift commentary_request dark_background flying_sweatdrops halo highres inverted_nipples large_breasts lifted_by_self long_hair looking_at_viewer melting_halo mouth_hold nipples no_bra pale_skin red_eyes red_halo sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt shirt_lift simple_background skirt smile solo sweat tsurugi_(blue_archive) unsfrau upper_body wide-eyed
 1girl ahoge ariaridoradora blush bra breasts brown_eyes brown_hair completely_nude dialogue_box drunk highres holding holding_clothes holding_panties holding_underwear idolmaster idolmaster_shiny_colors inverted_nipples kuwayama_chiyuki large_breasts long_braid long_hair nude open_mouth panties pubic_hair rock_paper_scissors translation_request underwear unworn_bra unworn_clothes unworn_panties v
 1girl blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair drooling hair_bun huge_breasts inverted_nipples kaii_to_otome_to_kamikakushi leaning_forward mature_female mole mole_under_eye nipples ogawa_sumireko open_clothes sakiyume11 solo
 2girls after_vaginal aftersex akeno(itsnafulol) ass belly_grab big_belly blonde_hair blue_hair blush breasts frederica_baumann futa_with_female futanari green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_over_one_eye hair_ribbon height_difference huge_ass huge_breasts inverted_nipples kiss kissing_cheek long_hair meowdeer multiple_girls muscular muscular_female nude pregnant re:zero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu ribbon sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person twintails wife_and_wife

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