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A hand gesture which consists of the thumb, index finger, and pinkie extended, while the middle and ring fingers touch the palm of the hand.

Not to be confused with \n/ (the sign of the horns, associated with metal music). In \m/ the thumb is extended, while in \n/ the thumb holds down the middle and ring fingers.

In anime, it is well known for being part of the Sailor_Moon's famous Tsuki_ni_kawatte_oshioki_yo ("I'll punish you") pose, for Ranka_Lee's dance move in Macross_Frontier while singing the song Seikan_Hikou, and for the association with Yazawa_Nico's catchphrase, nico_nico_nii.

In American sign language it's known as the "I Love You" sign, after a combination of the ASL signs for the letters I, L, and Y.

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