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 4girls ass barefoot blob blush bottomless censored cleft_of_venus fat_mons feet flat_chest higegepon highres interspecies loli monster multiple_girls original peril restrained science_fiction see-through slime_(creature) slime_(substance) striped_clothes tagme top-down_bottom-up trapped what
 1girl alien arm_cannon armor assault_visor boss_fight commentary_request drogyga grate green-tinted_eyewear green_eyes hand_on_own_arm helmet highres jin_(funaki_gen) metroid metroid_dread monster nintendo orange_armor power_suit samus_aran science_fiction sharp_teeth slit_pupils solo suction_cups teeth tentacles tile_floor tiles tinted_eyewear varia_suit weapon white_armor
 1girl air_bubble arm_cannon armor assault_visor bubble cave commentary_request fish glowing gravity_suit_(metroid) green-tinted_eyewear hand_on_own_arm helmet jin_(funaki_gen) metroid metroid_dread nintendo power_suit purple_armor samus_aran science_fiction solo tinted_eyewear underwater walking weapon white_armor
 1980s_(style) 1girl barefoot blonde_hair bridge cable damaged debris dirty grass gundam gundam_0080 highres kawamoto_toshihiro key_visual long_hair machinery mecha mobile_suit official_art oldschool one-eyed production_art promotional_art retro_artstyle river robot scan science_fiction severed_head traditional_media tree water wet wreckage zaku_ii zeon
 1980s_(style) 1girl aiming aiming_at_viewer animage blonde_hair boots commentary english_commentary gun gundam handgun kneeling magazine_scan mobile_suit_gundam official_art oldschool painting_(medium) promotional_art retro_artstyle sayla_mass scan science_fiction signature traditional_media weapon yasuhiko_yoshikazu
 1990s_(style) 1girl 2boys amuro_ray belt blonde_hair box_art char_aznable cockpit cover earth_federation eye_mask gloves gun gundam highres key_visual looking_at_viewer machine_gun mecha military mobile_suit mobile_suit_gundam multiple_boys muzzle official_art pilot promotional_art retro_artstyle robot rx-78-2 sano_hirotoshi sayla_mass scan science_fiction serious traditional_media translation_request uniform v-fin weapon zeon

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