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A trait in which a character's ears are pointed. Elves and other mystical human-like beings are sometimes drawn with these. This applies to males and females like Link and Etna_(disgaea)

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 2girls :d baggy_pants black_pants blonde_hair blue_capelet blue_jacket boots braid capelet chibi closed_eyes commentary dungeon_meshi elf english_commentary falin_touden highres jacket kiss kissing_cheek kizeshoe light_blush light_brown_hair long_hair marcille_donato medium_hair multiple_girls open_mouth pants pointy_ears ponytail red_ribbon ribbon sandals smile twin_braids white_background white_pants yuri
 2boys bara bed_sheet black_fur black_hair blanket centauroid closed_eyes closed_mouth coat commentary_request couple cow_boy cow_horns dark-skinned_male dark_skin earrings eyebrow_cut facial_hair fle0423 from_above fur-trimmed_coat fur-trimmed_sleeves fur_trim goatee_stubble hands_up highres hooves horns hug jewelry long_sleeves lying male_focus mandarin_collar monster_boy multiple_boys mutual_hug on_bed on_side original partially_colored pointy_ears short_hair sleeping small_horns smile stubble tassel tassel_earrings taur upper_body very_short_hair white_background yak yaoi
 1boy blanket blunt_bangs closed_eyes commentary crossover curly_hair cushion dark-skinned_male dark_skin dungeon_meshi elf english_commentary floating fur_trim grass grey_background hades_(series) hades_2 highres hypnos_(hades) lifting_person long_hair mapletine mask mask_on_head plant pointy_ears sidelocks signature sleep_mask sleeping thistle_(dungeon_meshi) white_hair wings yellow_eyes
 1boy bara bead_bracelet beads black_eyes black_fur black_hair bracelet centauroid closed_mouth coat commentary_request cow_boy cow_horns dark-skinned_male dark_skin earrings facial_hair fang fle0423 full_body fur-trimmed_coat fur-trimmed_sleeves fur_trim goatee_stubble green_coat grey_horns hand_up highres hooves horns jewelry long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus mandarin_collar monster_boy multicolored_hair multiple_views muscular muscular_male nipples original own_hands_together pointy_ears short_hair simple_background skin_fang small_horns smile standing stubble tail tassel tassel_earrings taur translation_request two-tone_hair very_short_hair white_background white_coat white_hair yak
 1boy :< ahoge animal_feet animal_hands bird_boy bird_legs bird_wings black_hair black_horns black_wings blue_background blue_eyes blue_sclera blue_skin blue_theme claws closed_mouth colored_sclera colored_skin commentary_request fang feather_hair feathered_wings full_body hair_between_eyes highres horns invisible_chair knees_up looking_at_viewer male_focus medium_hair monster_boy original pointy_ears sabuneko2645 sitting slit_pupils solo tail talons wings
 1girl :d blue_archive censored closed_eyes coat commentary_request demon_horns demon_tail demon_wings djheycha flat_chest greyscale hair_between_eyes heart heart_censor horns ibuki_(blue_archive) icing loli long_hair monochrome navel open_clothes open_coat open_mouth pointy_ears pussy smile tail twintails wings

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