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東北地方太平洋沖地震, Tōhoku Chihō Taiheiyō-oki Jishin

Friday 11 March 2011 an earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan, measuring at 9.0-magnitude. The megathrust earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami and aftershocks.

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 2011_sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami artist_request gloves hat helmet military military_uniform operation_tomodachi realistic shovel thumbs_up uniform united_states_army worktool
 1girl 2011_sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami axis_powers_hetalia blurry bokeh brown_hair depth_of_field closed_eyes flower hair_flower hair_ornament interlocked_fingers long_hair original own_hands_clasped own_hands_together profile rei_(rei's_room) solo taiwan_(hetalia)
 1girl 2011_sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami closed_eyes english_text eyelashes grey_background lips monochrome original poaro short_hair simple_background sketch solo upper_body
 00s 2011_sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami 4koma 6+girls aircraft charlotte_munchhausen comic greyscale hachisuka_tomoe helicopter house ikeda_takashi kazama_ushio matsubara_koino monochrome multiple_girls murasame_sumika sasameki_koto semimaru_mayu taema_miyako tears torioi_kiyori
 1boy 1girl 2011_sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami black_eyes black_hair child english_text engrish_text giroro502 hair_ribbon house japanese_text mountain outdoors ponytail ranguage ribbon sun sunset text_focus translated ultra_series ultraman water
2011_sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami 3girls asics black_eyes black_hair brown_hair closed_eyes clothes_writing glasses grin hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_own_hip hand_on_shoulder highres hug j._league kashima_antlers mito_hollyhock multiple_girls nike_(company) revision shirt short_hair smile soccer soccer_uniform sportswear striped_clothes striped_shirt takada_katsura vegalta_sendai

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