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It is a series of 2D action-platformer games developed by Konami. The original game debuted in 1993 and was developed for the Sega Genesis by Nakazato Nobuya with music composed by Hata Aki, Yamane Michiru, Adachi Masanori, and Kobayashi Hiroshi. The second game, titled Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis. In the same year, a SNES spinoff also titled Sparkster was released but the two are separate games.

The series lay dormant for fifteen years, although Sparkster made cameos in various Konami games, until it received a new entry called Rocket Knight in 2009 for the XBOX Live Arcade and PSN.

The series is set in the land of Elhorn, a setting which is a cross between a medieval European fantasy and science fiction. Humongous mechs and space ships exist side by side with medieval knights and princesses. The series hero Sparkster is a Rocket Knight, an armor wearing opossum with a jet pack strapped to his back and armed with a sword. The jet pack is used extensively in the game's platforming and combat. All of the characters in the series are non-human animals.

The series covers the various adventures of Sparkster defending the Kingdom of Zebulos from attacks by rival empires. Sparkster must also deal with rival Rocket Knight and traitor Axel Knight.

Sparkster has also appeared in:

Snatcher Sega CD version

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