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Tag refers to the first story of Jojo_no_Kimyou_na_Bouken.

It is a martial arts action horror story set in Victorian England. It debuted in 1987 and has been adapted three times: a Capcom video game, a 2007 anime movie, and as the first part of the 2012 anime TV series. The first two adaptation closely emulates the very muscular character designs of the original series, but the 2012 series changes the designs to a slimmer look that resembles the artwork of later Jojo story arcs. The 2012 adaptation is animated by David Productions who went on to adapt subsequent Jojo arcs into TV series. The ED themes for each adaptation are notably pre-existing rock and pop songs, functioning as a music reference on its own. Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency's ED theme is the 1971 rock song Roundabout by Yes. Said song, which begins playing as an episode draws to a close before transitioning into the end credits, has become a popular meme with various video clips being edited to resemble the distinctive endings of David Pro's adaptation of Jojo.

Jonathan Joestar is the son of the wealthy and respectable George Joestar and lives a comfortable life within the Joestar mansion. The Joestars get along very well, but things change once George decides to adopt a boy named Dio Brando who has recently lost his father. Dio is an intelligent and charismatic boy and Jonathan attempts to befriend him. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Dio uses his gifts for his personal gain and doesn't care if people are hurt in his pursuit of his goal of inheriting George's wealth and property. Dio is also interested in a sinister looking stone mask that is located within the mansion, which suddenly animated whenever it comes into contact with blood. Over the next seven years, Dio proceeds to bully and humiliate Jonathan, committing deeds like burning Jonathan's dog Danny and forcefully kissing Jonathan's love interest Erina Pendleton. Jonathan is seemingly powerless against his adopted brother and George is completely unaware of Dio's schemes.

Seven years later, George has fallen ill and Dio has spent a lot of time taking care of the man. He also discovers on his own that the stone mask can turn people into vampires. Jonathan is suspicious of Dio and soon realizes that Dio is poisoning George. Jonathan successfully gathers evidence exposing Dio's plot, befriending a mugger named Robert E. O. Speedwagon in the process, and summons the police to arrest Dio. Unfortunately, the cornered Dio uses the Stone Mask to turn into a vampire and easily kills the police officers. George is also killed in the ensuing battle. Jonathan manages to trap Dio as the Joestar mansion burns down and barely escapes with his life.

However, Jonathan soon discovers that Dio is still not dead and is recovering from his injuries. Jonathan is approached by an experienced Italian martial artist named William A. Zeppeli who wants to work with Jonathan to stop Dio. Zeppeli has a special martial art technique called the Ripple (Hamon) which focuses a person's bodily energy into other forms of energy with the use of proper breathing. Zeppeli trains Jonathan in this technique as they prepare to stop Dio once and for all.


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 2boys absurdres blonde_hair bowler_hat candelabra candlestand chair collared_shirt derivative_work dio_brando hat highres jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken kicking long_hair male_focus multiple_boys necktie open_mouth phantom_blood robert_e._o._speedwagon scar scar_on_face screenshot_redraw shirt swampland window
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 1boy absurdres blonde_hair blue_eyes bowler_hat collared_shirt derivative_work facial_mark hat highres jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken long_hair male_focus matches necktie open_mouth phantom_blood robert_e._o._speedwagon scar scar_on_face screenshot_redraw shirt solo swampland vest
 1girl 6+boys against_railing battle_tendency belt blonde_hair blowing_bubbles blue_eyes blue_hair blue_hat blue_jacket blue_jumpsuit blue_pants boots center_opening checkered_floor chewing_gum cigarette closed_eyes clothing_cutout collared_jacket colored_eyelashes commentary covering_own_mouth crop_top diamond_wa_kudakenai double_bun earphones family fingerless_gloves gakuran giorno_giovanna gloves green_eyes green_footwear green_gloves green_hair green_nails green_tank_top grin hair_bun halterneck hand_in_pocket hand_on_own_hip hand_over_own_mouth hand_up hat heart_cutout higashikata_josuke higashikata_josuke_(jojolion) high_collar highres hood hooded_jacket jacket johnny_joestar jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken jojolion jonathan_joestar joseph_joestar joseph_joestar_(young) jumpsuit kuujou_jolyne kuujou_joutarou leaning_forward limited_palette long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back lying mouth_hold multicolored_hair multiple_boys on_back on_one_knee one_eye_closed pants parted_lips phantom_blood pompadour railing robodumpling sailor sailor_collar scarf school_uniform seiza shirt short-sleeved_jacket short_hair short_sleeves sitting sleeveless_jumpsuit smile standing star_(symbol) stardust_crusaders steel_ball_run stomach stone_ocean striped_clothes striped_scarf symbol-only_commentary tank_top the_jojolands two-tone_hair v waving yellow_pupils

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