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Any romantic and/or sexual depiction between members of the opposite genders, doesn't matter if it's mutual or one-sided or if the male is an trap and the female is a reverse_trap. Hetero doesn't apply to futanari.

If it is mutual, consider adding the couple tag.

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1boy 1girl absurdres ass ass_grab belt boku_no_hero_academia breasts denim grabbing_another's_ass hetero highres horns huge_ass jeans long_hair pants shiny_skin suavi-cream sweat thong tsunotori_pony very_long_hair
 1boy 1girl absurdres blonde_hair breasts completely_nude creatures_(company) cynthia_(pokemon) game_freak girl_on_top grey_eyes hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hetero highres indoors medium_breasts nintendo nipples nude one_eye_covered oni-sanart open_mouth pokemon sex squatting_cowgirl_position tongue tongue_out torso_grab uncensored vaginal
 1girl 2boys arm_grab arm_held_back ass blue_eyes blue_hair blush bouncing_breasts breasts censored completely_nude cum cum_in_mouth double_penetration fellatio group_sex hand_on_another's_head hetero highres irrumatio mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica_(anime) medium_breasts miki_sayaka mmf_threesome mosaic_censoring multiple_boys nipples nude oral penis sex sex_from_behind short_hair solo_focus sora_nyan spitroast threesome vaginal
 1girl 3boys :p after_ejaculation black_footwear black_hair blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt blurry blush breasts brown_eyes brown_pantyhose bukkake closed_mouth cum cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_chest cum_on_clothes cum_on_hair cum_on_hands cum_on_legs cum_on_penis cum_on_upper_body cumdrip depth_of_field erection facial flower hair_between_eyes hair_over_shoulder hetero highres kneeling large_breasts light_rays loafers long_eyelashes long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_boys nail_polish neckerchief neko_neko_koneko on_floor original out_of_frame pantyhose penis pleated_skirt red_flower red_nails red_neckerchief sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt shoes skirt smile solo_focus steam surrounded_by_penises tongue tongue_out uncensored uniform unworn_shoes white_shirt
1girl 2boys arms_behind_head arms_up bags_under_eyes bdsm black_blazer black_eyes black_eyeshadow black_headwear black_necktie black_pantyhose black_skirt blonde_hair bondage bound breasts breasts_out chain dark-skinned_male dark_skin erection eyebrows eyeliner eyeshadow hair_over_one_eye hat hetero highres huge_breasts interracial jacket keiko_(sachiko_shirayuki) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer makeup masochism multiple_boys naughty_face necktie nipples no_bra open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth open_shirt original pantyhose pencil_skirt penis penis_close_to_face sachiko_shirayuki shirt short_hair shortstack simple_background sitting skirt solo_focus teeth testicles tongue tongue_out torn_clothes torn_pantyhose uncensored upper_body upper_teeth_only very_dark_skin white_background white_shirt
 1boy 1girl absurdres bandana bike_shorts black_undershirt blue_eyes blush breasts breasts_out brown_hair creatures_(company) cum cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_upper_body flustered game_freak gloves hetero highres large_breasts may_(pokemon) nintendo nipples oni-sanart open_mouth penis pokemon red_bandana red_shirt seiza shirt short_hair_with_long_locks sidelocks sitting testicles thighs uncensored view_between_legs

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