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Japanese name: 磯部トースト (Isobe Tosuto)

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 108 caustics commentary_request forest highres lake landscape nature no_humans original partial_commentary pine_tree rock scenery shadow snow snowing still_life tree
 108 architecture blue_sky border cherry_blossoms cloud fence highres house island nature no_humans original reflection reflective_water scenery seasons sky tree water white_border
 108 chair highres indoors no_humans original scenery school school_chair shadow still_life sunlight window
 108 beach bush cliff cloud cloudy_sky commentary grass house landscape no_humans ocean original outdoors rock scenery sky tree
 108 bead_curtain window_blinds bottle box bucket cardboard_box crate cutting_board door hand_fan indoors jar kettle kitchen ladle liquid-in-glass_thermometer microwave no_humans original refrigerator rice_cooker roomscape scenery sink soy_sauce spatula sugar_bowl thermometer thermos toaster trash_bag trash_can window
 108 cherry_blossoms cloud commentary commission no_humans oil-paper_umbrella original pixiv_commission scenery sky umbrella

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