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Tag type: General

This tag is for hair floating on the surface of water, or flowing while submerged.

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 1girl bare_legs blonde_hair bow breasts buoyant_hair cleavage female_focus fingernails hair_bow highres large_breasts long_hair lying no_bra no_headwear no_headwear on_back partially_submerged purple_eyes saburou_(hgmg) smile solo touhou wet wet_clothes yakumo_yukari
1girl ball bare_shoulders beachball bikini blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts buoyant_hair game_cg hair_ornament hairclip innertube long_hair matching_hair/eyes navel open_mouth outdoors sandals sitting solo sweat swim_ring swimsuit water
 1boy 1girl age_difference bathing black_hair blue_eyes blush brown_hair buoyant_hair holding long_hair looking_back mixed-sex_bathing nude onsen original partially_submerged ripples shared_bathing sitting water wet yowamidori
 1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id bare_shoulders breasts buoyant_hair cleavage detached_sleeves female_focus frog_hair_ornament green_eyes green_hair hair_ornament hair_tubes harumaki-0327 kochiya_sanae long_hair lying matching_hair/eyes on_side partially_submerged skirt snake solo touhou water
 1boy 1girl barefoot black_hair blue_eyes brother_and_sister buoyant_hair flower hair_tubes lap_pillow lily_pad long_hair looking_down lying_on_person magi_the_labyrinth_of_magic ren_hakuei ren_hakuryuu siblings sun_dou water
 00s 1boy 1girl barefoot brown_hair bubble buoyant_hair couple closed_eyes fish kissing_forehead hakama hakama_skirt haku hetero japanese_clothes kiss kissing_forehead long_hair ogino_chihiro aged_up ponytail sen_to_chihiro_no_kamikakushi short_hair skirt studio_ghibli underwater w_w_w_wloveless water

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