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ゴジラ Gojira

Refers to any image referencing the film series. Godzilla himself does not need to be in the image.

One of the longest running film series and also one of the most iconic kaijuu (giant monster) franchises. The franchise is known for both popularizing kaijuu and kaijuu on kaijuu battles and for each installment reflecting the sociopolitical issues/mood of their time. The original film debuted in 1954 and was heavily inspired by the 1945 nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the then recent Lucky Dragon incident. When the film was first released, the film's dark tone and clear allusions to nuclear weapons were highly controversial in Japan, but the film's reputation improved over time, becoming a landmark film in Japanese pop cultural history, starting one of the most well known Japanese film franchises internationally. As the series went on, Godzilla was pitted against other monsters but in all appearances, Godzilla always causes a lot of destruction to Japanese cities. The films tend to fluctuate in terms of mood with some entries like the original film and Godzilla vs Destroyah having a grim tone while others like Godzilla's Son are much lighter. What Godzilla represents differs between each installment, in his original incarnation, he was the symbol of the horrors of nuclear weaponry, in others, a fearsome force of nature, and in the more lighthearted entries, an unlikely superhero/protector of humanity.

The film series has a tendency to take hiatuses that last a few years before bringing Godzilla back with a new film. These hiatuses, as well as continuity issues, have led to the films being categorized into sub-series: the Showa series (films from 1954-1975), the Heisei seres (1984-1995), and the Millennium series (1999-2004). The original Godzilla film is generally considered to be canon to each continuity, however, the 2016 Godzilla: Resurgence is a complete reboot with Godzilla's appearance in said film being the 1st appearance in that continuity.

The films are famous for depicting the monsters by using stuntmen in heavy rubber suits and proportionally small scale sets for the cities. This technique was practiced even after the advent of CGI technology. Godzilla has only been depicted in CG in the Hollywood film adaptations and in a brief cameo in the 2009 Japanese film Always 2.

The films have also been localized in English and some of these releases add new footage like the American release of the original Godzilla film which included a new American character named Steve Martin (not to be confused with the actor), played by Raymond Burr.

It has received a Hollywood adaptation in 1998 that depicted Godzilla with CGI and changed the setting to New York. However, this version was not well received and the version of Godzilla that appears in the Hollywood film also appears in Godzilla Final Wars under the name Zilla where the monster is defeated by the original Godzilla in a very brief fight. The series received another Hollywood adaptation in 2014, which is considerably darker in tone and more faithful to the Japanese films. Godzilla, and the other Kaiju in the film, are depicted with CGI and Godzilla's design has been changed a bit.

Recurring Characters:

Films in the series:

Showa Era:
Godzilla 1954
Godzilla Raids Again 1955
King_Kong_vs._Godzilla 1962
Mothra_vs._Godzilla 1964
Ghidora,_The_Three_Headed_Monster 1964
Invasion_of_Astro_Monster 1966
Ebirah,_Horror_of_the_Deep 1966
Son_of_Godzilla 1967
Destroy_all_monsters 1968
All_Monsters_Attack 1969
Godzilla_vs._Hedorah 1971
Godzilla_vs._Gigan 1972
Godzilla_vs._Megalon 1973
Godzilla_vs._Mechagodzilla 1974
Terror_of_Mechagodzilla 1974

The_return_of_Godzilla 1984
Godzilla_vs._Biollante 1989
Godzilla_vs._King_Ghidorah 1991
Godzilla_vs._Mothra 1992
Godzilla_vs._Mechagodzilla_II 1993
Godzilla_vs._Spacegodzilla 1994
Godzilla_vs._Destoroyah 1995

Godzilla_2000 1999
Godzilla_vs._Megaguirus 2000
Godzilla,_Mothra,_and_King_Ghidorah:_Giant_Monsters_All_Out_Attack 2001
Godzilla_Against_Mechagodzilla 2002
Godzilla:_Tokyo_SOS 2003
Godzilla:_Final_Wars 2004

Godzilla_Resurgence 2016

Anime Trilogy
Godzilla:_Planet_of_the_Monsters 2017
Godzilla:_City_on_the_Edge_of_Battle 2018
Godzilla:_the_Planet_Eater 2019

American version:
Godzilla 1998
Godzilla the Series 1998

Godzilla 2014
Godzilla:_King_of_the_Monsters 2019
Godzilla_vs._Kong 2021

TV Series:
Godzilla:_Singular_Point 2021



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