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A 2d run and gun Konami action game with 3D graphics released on the Playstation 2 in 2002. It is also known as Shin Contra and is directed by Nakazato Nobuya. The soundtrack is composed by Yamanaka Akira (who provided the rock tunes) and Fujimori Sota (who provided the techno/trance pieces). It is considerably darker in terms of both visuals and story than other Contra games and in the series chronology is one of the later games. Gameplay is the same as the 2D Contra games, but there's a much higher quantity of boss fights, much like Contra Hard Corps. The player must also get a S rank score on every level in order to access the game's true ending. Like the rest of the series, the game is very difficult. The game also has a more developed plot in comparison to the rest of the series whose story lines are very straightforward.

It is set after the events of Contra 3. Bill Rizer is in dire straits; he has been imprisoned and vilified because he is believed to have been responsible for wiping out a large chunk of the human population as a result of a weapons grid malfunctioning. He has also lost his friend Lance Bean who is credited as the man who tried to stop Bill and died trying. Bill is called back into action once an organization known as the Blood Falcon, led by a human military commander, starts wreaking havoc around the world. Bill teams up with female cyborg Lucia to stop the organization and is embroiled in a larger conspiracy.

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