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Tag type: General

This tag is to be used when the main subject of the picture is made unable to move their arms and/or legs due to means that are outside the domain of general "bondage" devices.

The usual instance is that if the subject's wrists and ankles are being held tightly by other people in the picture.

Notice, the "other people" are not themselves "bondage devices", so the "bondage" tag would be inappropriate for this picture, but the "other people" are restraining the subject, thus "restrained" is the better choice of tag.

Not only can the subject's appendages be held back by human hands, but tentacles and machines can restrain them as well.

So, to recap:
Leather straps, chains, spreader bars, latex bodysuits, (non-shibari) hogtying, ball gags → "bondage"
Gripping hands, wrapping tentacles, and mechanized clamps from some laboratory → "restrained"

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