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Either the image has '2004' written somewhere on it, or it makes a reference to the year 2004.
Also when 2004 appears as a tag when searching through pixiv.

2004 is the year of the monkey.

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 1girl 2004 absurdres apron blue_eyes blush_stickers bow dress fang female_focus green_dress green_hair hair_ribbon highres kanzaki_hiro long_hair looking_at_viewer melon-chan melonbooks open_mouth pointing red_bow ribbon short_sleeves solo standing star_(symbol) twintails white_apron
 1980s_(style) 2004 battle claws cloud dark_clouds dated destruction firing gm_cold_districts_type gundam gundam_0080 gundam_ace highres hygogg kondou_kazuhisa mecha mobile_suit official_art oldschool promotional_art retro_artstyle robot scan signature smoke traditional_media when_you_see_it wreckage z'gok z'gok-e zeon
 1010_mumumu 1boy 2004 autumn_leaves black_footwear black_jacket black_pants blue_shirt brown_hair copyright_name highres jacket kamen_rider kamen_rider_blade_(series) kenzaki_kazuma looking_at_viewer male_focus pants photorealistic realistic shirt shoes smile squatting tree
 00s 1boy 1girl 69 2004 animated black_hair brown_hair fellatio heartwork incest indoors interior licking long_hair mature_female misako_asakura mother_and_son nude older_woman_and_younger_man oral pussy smile sound tagme vaginal video yuu_asakura
 00s 1girl 2004 animated animated_gif black_hair bouncing_breasts breasts brown_hair cowgirl_position heartwork large_breasts long_hair mature_female misako_asakura nipples nude solo straddling tagme
 00s 1boy 1girl 2004 animated animated_gif deep_penetration doggystyle heartwork incest mature_female misako_asakura mother_and_son nude older_woman_and_younger_man penis pubic_hair pussy sex_from_behind tagme vaginal

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