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This refers to the Gouf series in the Universal Century, not the GOUF Ignited in the Cosmic Era.

A mobile suit developed by the forces of Zeon during the One Year War. The design of the Gouf is almost like that of the Zaku, but with some alterations such as a standard commander antenna and the lack of a shoulder shield. There are also other variations of the Gouf, the standard one being the MS-07B Gouf.

The common armaments on the Gouf are a heat sword, heat rod, a 5-barrel 75mm machine gun that makes the left hand, a heat hawk, or a 120mm machine gun.

The line of Goufs are infamous for being piloted by Ramba Ral and Norris Packard.

It is also popular due to Ramba Ral's line, "This is no Zaku boy! No Zaku!" in the anime.

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 absurdres cable commentary_request gatling_gun gouf gouf_custom gundam gundam_08th_ms_team highres hose machinery maeda_hiroyuki mecha mobile_suit no_humans one-eyed original redesign robot science_fiction shoulder_spikes signature sketch spikes sword tube unfinished weapon white_background zeon
 1girl choker cockpit cropped_jacket ear_piercing emphasis_lines fangs gouf green_eyes gundam hat highres holding holding_knife hololive knife mecha mobile_suit_gundam nyaring943 o-ring o-ring_choker piercing purple_hair robot tokoyami_towa twintails virtual_youtuber zaku_ii
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