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The artist's name or alias is on the image somewhere.

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 all_fours alternate_color artist_name black_fur black_ribbon black_tail blue_fur brown_eyes brown_fur brown_tail colored_sclera creatures_(company) eevee espeon evolutionary_line extra_tails forehead_jewel game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon highres indoors kaminokefusa light looking_at_another looking_down nintendo no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) purple_eyes purple_fur purple_sclera purple_tail red_ribbon ribbon shiny_pokemon two-tone_fur umbreon wooden_floor yellow_sclera
 alternate_costume anchor artist_name black_hair dress earrings highres jewelry kantai_collection long_hair ponytail red_eyes ribbon seitei_(04seitei) sidelocks signature simple_background string_of_flags very_long_hair white_dress white_ribbon yahagi_(kancolle) yahagi_kai_ni_(kancolle)
 1girl absurdres artist_name blue_eyes blush bocchi_the_rock! closed_mouth commentary cube_hair_ornament english_commentary gotoh_hitori hair_ornament highres instrument_case instrument_on_back jacket long_hair long_sleeves machuuu68 microphone microphone_stand open_clothes open_jacket pink_hair pink_jacket shirt sidelocks sleeves_past_wrists t-shirt upper_body white_shirt
 1girl absurdres arlecchino_(genshin_impact) arm_tattoo artist_name ass back backless_dress backless_outfit bare_back bare_shoulders black_dress black_footwear black_hair bright_pupils dress earrings full_body genshin_impact high_heels highres holding holding_scythe holding_weapon jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer low_ponytail multicolored_hair necklace red_eyes ringeko-chan ripples scythe solo streaked_hair symbol-shaped_pupils tattoo very_long_hair water weapon white_hair x-shaped_pupils
 1boy 1girl all_fours animal_collar animal_ears arched_bangs artist_name bar_censor bed_sheet black_footwear breasts cat_tail censored collar commentary dark-skinned_male dark_skin english_commentary from_behind from_side full_body gradient_background grey_hair hetero high_heels hololive hugging_object long_hair murasaki_shion murasaki_shion_(gothic_lolita) on_bed open_mouth pasties pillow pillow_hug red_collar sex sweat tail thanabis tongue tongue_out top-down_bottom-up trembling virtual_youtuber yellow_eyes
 2boys artist_name black_hair black_jacket blue_background character_request copyright_name cover cover_page fighting highres hokazono_takeru holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket kagurabachi lightning male_focus manga_cover multiple_boys numbered official_art open_mouth red_eyes rokuhira_chihiro second-party_source short_hair shounen_jump smile sword sword_fight teeth translation_request v-shaped_eyebrows weapon

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