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2010 Hentai game created by Lilith-soft with CG art by Kagami and written and directed by Ittousai Sasayami. It is being adapted into anime in 2012.

It is set in the same universe as Taimanin Asagi though none of the characters from that series appear in this game.

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 black_pants bulge crotch_focus erection erection_under_clothes highres koutetsu_no_majo_anneroze large_penis lower_body pants penis shirt tachibana_rikurou white_shirt
 1girl annerose_vajra greyscale koutetsu_no_majo_anneroze kumakichi_(cost-lost) looking_at_viewer manga_page monochrome pointy_ears
 3girls action_taimanin alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle annerose_vajra black_hair blue_hair feet_out_of_frame igawa_asagi kagami_hirotaka kamimura_maika koutetsu_no_majo_anneroze lilith-soft long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls naked_ribbon official_alternate_costume orange_hair ponytail ribbon shiny_skin sian standing taimanin_(series) taimanin_asagi very_long_hair wide_hips
 1boy 1girl annerose_vajra black_hair breasts censored grabbing grabbing_another's_breast koutetsu_no_majo_anneroze large_breasts large_penis lying on_back paizuri penis pink_lips pointy_ears precum r-wade straddling straddling_paizuri yellow_eyes
 1girl annerose_vajra breasts highres imminent_penetration koutetsu_no_majo_anneroze large_breasts long_hair monster r-wade
1girl absurdres annerose_vajra breasts cleavage corpa highres huge_breasts koutetsu_no_majo_anneroze long_hair looking_at_viewer solo

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