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Paints made of pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle, typically referring to the traditional style of "transparent" watercolors (as opposed to "opaque" gouache. Typically tagged「透明水彩」(lit. transparent watercolor) on pixiv.

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 1girl black_background border closed_eyes columbine_(flower) flat_chest flower kishi_takuya nipples nude original oversized_flower painting_(medium) pale_skin profile purple_flower short_hair skinny traditional_media upper_body very_short_hair watercolor_(medium) white_border
 1girl brown_eyes brown_hair flower kishi_takuya lily_(flower) nun original painting_(medium) pale_skin praying realistic solo traditional_media upper_body veil watercolor_(medium)
 1girl brown_hair colored_skin columbine_(flower) flat_chest flower kishi_takuya long_hair looking_at_viewer original painting_(medium) pale_skin purple_flower realistic solo traditional_media upper_body watercolor_(medium) white_skin
 2others blue_sky forest highres hill mouen_tw mountainous_horizon multiple_others nature night original painting_(medium) pine_tree scenery sky star_(sky) traditional_media tree watercolor_(medium)
 2others blue_sky building cloud cloudy_sky day highres horizon house mouen_tw multiple_others original painting_(medium) power_lines scenery sky traditional_media utility_pole watercolor_(medium)
 2others blue_sky cloud cloudy_sky day field highres horizon mouen_tw multiple_others night night_sky original painting_(medium) scenery sky traditional_media water watercolor_(medium)

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