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Art done using markers, also known as felt-tip pens, most popularly Copic markers「コピック」, but also the more generic "magic markers"「マジック」AKA Sharpies.

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 1girl ahoge alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle arm_support artist_name bandaged_arm bandages bandana black_bandana black_eyeliner black_hair bracer breasts brown_eyes brown_gloves brown_shirt capcom casual character_name clothes_writing commentary copyright_name cover dirty dirty_face english_commentary english_text eyelashes eyeliner fake_magazine_cover fingerless_gloves gloves hair_down hair_over_shoulder hand_up highres ibuki_(street_fighter) knee_up leaning_back lips long_hair looking_at_viewer loose_hair_strand magazine_cover makeup marker_(medium) mask mask_pull medium_breasts messy_hair mixed-language_text nose omar_dogan parted_hair pink_lips pursed_lips raglan_sleeves revealing_tanlines scrape scraped_knee shaded_face shirt short_sleeves signature simple_background solo speech_bubble street_fighter t-shirt tan tanline tanlines torn_clothes torn_shirt traditional_media translated two-tone_shirt upper_body w white_background white_shirt wide-eyed
 1girl breasts colored_skin commentary crop_top emma_frost grey_eyes grey_hair grey_lips grey_skin kasia_nie marker_(medium) marvel medium_breasts parted_lips solo traditional_media turtleneck upper_body x-men
 1girl art_tools_in_frame belt black_belt black_choker black_eyes black_gloves black_hair blowing_bubbles breasts choker coat commentary contrapposto gloves hand_on_own_hip highres jubilee kasia_nie marker_(medium) marvel medium_breasts photo_(medium) pink_shirt shirt short_hair solo traditional_media x-men yellow_coat
 1girl art_tools_in_frame bandeau black_hair blue_bandeau blue_hair breasts brown_eyes commentary cowboy_shot dark-skinned_female dark_skin gloves highres jewelry kasia_nie marker_(medium) midriff navel necklace orange_gloves orange_pants original pants photo_(medium) pointy_ears red_lips small_breasts solo traditional_media
 1girl belt black_eyes breasts brown_belt colored_skin commentary contrapposto crop_top english_commentary female_orc green_skin heart kasia_nie long_hair marker_(medium) medium_breasts midriff navel orange_hair orc original photo_(medium) pointy_ears solo spoken_heart tank_top traditional_media tusks upper_body very_long_hair watermark
 1girl art_tools_in_frame blue_eyes blue_lips circlet commentary dark-skinned_female dark_skin earrings gerudo highres hoop_earrings jewelry kasia_nie marker_(medium) neck_ring nintendo photo_(medium) pointy_ears portrait red_hair solo the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_breath_of_the_wild traditional_media urbosa

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