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Posts with this tag incorporate a logo into the picture or parody the appearance of it. The logo may be of a company (real or fictitious) or of a copyright.

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 1girl absurdres alternate_costume bare_shoulders black_choker black_dress black_gloves breasts character_signature chinese_commentary choker cleavage collarbone commentary_request cosmetics dress earrings elbow_gloves english_text flower frilled_choker frills gloves handsomening highres holding holding_lipstick_tube honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jewelry kafka_(honkai:_star_rail) lace lace-trimmed_gloves lace_trim large_breasts lipstick_tube logo long_hair looking_at_viewer low-tied_long_hair pink_lips purple_eyes purple_hair ring rose sidelocks smile solo upper_body
 1girl :3 :d :o adjusting_clothes adjusting_swimsuit animated artist_request ass beach belt bikini bird black_choker black_hair blue_sky blue_wetsuit blush bodysuit bouncing_breasts breasts buttons choker cleavage closed_mouth cloud coat coat_on_shoulders company_name comparison copyright_name covered_navel crab curvy day deep_skin diving_mask diving_mask_on_head diving_suit epaulettes eyewear_hang fang fish from_behind full_body gloves goddess_of_victory:_nikke goggles goggles_on_head happy hat highleg highleg_one-piece_swimsuit highres holding large_breasts logo long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mast_(a_pirate's_heart)_(nikke) mast_(mast_the_diver)_(nikke) mast_(nikke) military_uniform multicolored_hair narrow_waist naughty_face navel ocean official_art one-piece_swimsuit open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt outdoors peaked_cap pink_bikini pink_eyes pink_hair purple_eyes red_hair salute sand scuba scuba_gear shiny_clothes shiny_skin ship shirt short_shorts short_twintails shorts side-tie_bikini_bottom sideboob sidelocks sitting skin_fang skin_tight skindentation skull_collar sky smile sound standing streaked_hair sunglasses surprised swimsuit tagme talking thigh_strap third-party_edit thong thong_bikini thong_one-piece_swimsuit title twintails two-tone_hair uniform unworn_eyewear video water watercraft wet wet_clothes wet_shirt wetsuit wide_hips
 2girls 6+boys absurdres aiko_(shing!) axe bandaged_arm bandages beard bichiko_(shing!) black_hair black_headband blue_eyes braid breasts chain cleavage clenched_teeth copyright_name dark-skinned_male dark_skin demon demon_horns facial_hair fighting_stance green_eyes hair_bun hair_ornament hair_stick headband highres holding holding_axe holding_polearm holding_sword holding_weapon horns japanese_clothes kasia_nie leg_tattoo logo long_hair medium_breasts moon multiple_boys multiple_girls muscular muscular_male naginata ninja official_art pointy_ears polearm purple_hair red_eyes reverse_grip shing! shoulder_pads single_braid single_hair_bun sword tattoo teeth tetsuo_(shing!) third-party_source topless_male weapon white_hair wilhelm_(shing!)
 2girls :d absurdres adjusting_eyewear bag bare_legs blue_sky bow braid breasts bright_pupils building changli_(wuthering_waves) city cleavage closed_mouth closed_umbrella collar collarbone colored_eyelashes commentary contemporary copyright_name copyright_notice dated earrings english_commentary feather_hair_ornament feathers frilled_collar frilled_shirt frills green-tinted_eyewear green_bow green_skirt hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_extensions hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_eyewear hat highres holding holding_bag holding_umbrella jewelry jinhsi_(wuthering_waves) korean_text lamppost large_breasts logo long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails midriff mole mole_on_cheek multicolored_hair multiple_girls multiple_hair_bows navel official_alternate_costume official_art official_wallpaper open_mouth outdoors red-tinted_eyewear red_hair revision shirt shop shopping_bag skirt sky skyscraper smile socks straw_hat sunglasses tinted_eyewear trash_can tree twin_braids twintails two-tone_hair two_side_up umbrella unworn_eyewear very_long_hair white_eyes white_hair white_pupils white_shirt white_socks white_wristband wuthering_waves yellow_eyes yolanda
cover everly_key flower gaia_gear logo mech star
 1girl absurdres bikini blue_eyes blue_hair blue_nails breast_press breasts colored_skin english_text flame_tattoo highres light_smile logo long_hair looking_at_viewer original pink_skin pointy_ears promotional_art sex_doll swimsuit thick_thighs thighs zeon_(zzeeonn)

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