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A graphic with captions (usually metrics) describing the subject in detail.

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 1boy 1girl ahoge ayanami_rei bare_shoulders black_sweater blonde_hair blue_hair blue_skirt blurry bokeh bow bowtie breasts buster_sword character_name closed_mouth cloud_strife collared_shirt commentary depth_of_field dress_shirt dual_wielding english_commentary english_text feet_out_of_frame final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii from_below hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_polearm holding_weapon lance_of_longinus_(evangelion) light_smile looking_at_viewer medium_breasts neck_ribbon neon_genesis_evangelion peeking_out polearm red_bow red_bowtie red_eyes red_ribbon ribbed_sweater ribbon romaji_text school_uniform shirt short_hair short_sleeves skirt sleeveless sleeveless_sweater spear spiked_hair standing stats suspender_skirt suspenders sweater sword tokyo-3_middle_school_uniform turtleneck turtleneck_sweater weapon weapon_on_back white_shirt yahha
 1girl :3 artist_self-insert black_eyes blue_skirt blue_sky brown_hair cellphone cloud floating_hair half-closed_eyes height holding holding_phone looking_at_viewer neck_ribbon open_mouth original osouzai-kun phone pleated_skirt puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform shindan_maker shirt short_hair short_sleeves skirt sky smartphone smile solo stats translation_request tsurime white_shirt
 2boys bara beads biceps black_hair blank_eyes cowboy_shot dark-skinned_male dark_skin demon_slayer_uniform english_text hakama highres himejima_gyoumei huge_pectorals japanese_clothes kimetsu_no_yaiba male_focus measuring_biceps mskull27 multiple_boys muscular muscular_male nipples pants prayer_beads praying scar scar_on_face short_hair standing stats strongman_waist tape_measure tearing_up topless_male undercut
 3girls :3 absurdres ahoge aqua_eyes axe backpack bag blonde_hair blush bottle bow bowtie carrot character_name coin colored_inner_hair commentary dagger earrings english_commentary english_text enna_alouette enna_alouette_(1st_costume) ethyria fish food fruit gameplay_mechanics gem gold_coin grapes guozhe13 hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairband hairclip head_wings health_bar highres jewelry key knife long_hair looking_at_viewer midriff millie_parfait millie_parfait_(4th_costume) multicolored_hair multiple_girls navel nijisanji nijisanji_en potion reimu_endou reimu_endou_(1st_costume) solo_focus speech_bubble stats user_interface very_long_hair virtual_youtuber water_bottle weapon white_hairband wings
 1girl artist_name blue_eyes bodysuit boots breasts brown_hair character_name character_sheet cleavage cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout commission commissioner_upload eyepatch fleesveon large_breasts logo long_hair machinery mecha_musume pale_skin smile space_bike stats the_expanse thighs turret tynan_(the_expanse) zoom_layer
 1girl arachnid_(starship_troopers) armor belt_pouch boots cameo commentary_request crying crying_with_eyes_open dark_background expressive_object flaccid frown golden_lore hat holding holding_lantern holding_sword holding_weapon kikai_(akita_morgue) knee_boots lantern long_sleeves looking_at_viewer monochrome open_mouth orange_theme original pauldrons pleated_skirt pouch scared short_hair shoulder_armor skirt starship_troopers stats sword tears thighhighs translation_request walking weapon

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