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Tag type: General

Someone expected to wear some form of headwear (a hat, a bandana, a helmet, etc.) is not wearing it.

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 2boys arrow_(symbol) autumn_leaves bad_tag big_nose blonde_hair brown_hair clenched_teeth commentary_request copyright_name emphasis_lines flower furrowed_brow louie_(pikmin) male_focus multiple_boys naru_(wish_field) nintendo no_headwear olimar open_mouth pikmin_(series) pikmin_2 pink_flower pointy_ears short_hair spacesuit speech_bubble sweatdrop teeth translation_request upper_body upper_teeth_only very_short_hair white_flower
 2girls :o black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes camera chito_(shoujo_shuumatsu_ryokou) combat_helmet commentary english_commentary fang fur_trim gloves green_jacket helmet highres holding holding_camera jacket long_hair meteor_shower military_uniform multiple_girls night night_sky no_headwear ruins shoujo_shuumatsu_ryokou silhouette sky snow star_(sky) starry_sky suikatabetaiii uniform yuuri_(shoujo_shuumatsu_ryokou)
 1boy aqua_necktie aqua_trim black_eyes black_hair blunt_ends burger chair collared_shirt eating emblem eyeliner eyeshadow feathers fish food genshin_impact gold hair_intakes hand_up highres holding holding_burger holding_food holding_paper knees makeup male_focus multicolored_vest neck necktie no_headwear paper parted_bangs plaid_clothes plaid_shorts pom_pom_(clothes) puffy_cheeks purple_trim purple_vest red_eyeliner red_eyeshadow scaramouche_(cat)_(genshin_impact) scaramouche_(genshin_impact) shirt short_sleeves shorts sitting solo string suyi42478390 table thighs vest wanderer_(genshin_impact) wanderer_(mega_mgc_coffee)_(genshin_impact) white_shirt white_sleeves wrist_cuffs
 1boy black_bodysuit black_kimono blunt_ends bodysuit eyeliner eyeshadow genshin_impact gold hair_intakes highres japanese_clothes kimono looking_at_viewer makeup male_focus mandarin_collar mitsudomoe_(shape) neck no_headwear parted_bangs parted_lips purple_eyes purple_hair purple_rope red_eyeliner red_eyeshadow red_trim rope scaramouche_(genshin_impact) shimenawa short_sleeves solo suyi42478390 tassel tomoe_(symbol) white_rope white_trim
 1boy animal animal_ears animal_on_lap armor black_bodysuit black_shorts black_socks blue_cape blunt_ends bodysuit bridal_gauntlets cape cat cat_ears cat_on_lap cat_tail expressionless eyeliner eyeshadow flower genshin_impact hair_intakes hakama hakama_shorts hand_on_own_hip heart highres japanese_armor japanese_clothes kimono knees kote kurokote looking_at_viewer makeup male_focus neck no_headwear on_lap open_clothes open_kimono open_vest parted_bangs purple_eyes purple_hair purple_rope red_eyeliner red_eyeshadow rope scaramouche_(cat)_(genshin_impact) scaramouche_(genshin_impact) shorts sitting socks solo sunflower suyi42478390 tail thighs vest wanderer_(genshin_impact) white_cat white_kimono white_sleeves white_vest
 1boy absurdres armor belt black_bodysuit black_kimono blood blood_on_face blood_on_hands blunt_ends bodysuit cable genshin_impact gold hair_intakes highres japanese_armor japanese_clothes kimono kote kurokote male_focus mandarin_collar mitsudomoe_(shape) no_headwear o-ring open_clothes open_hand open_kimono parted_bangs parted_lips pouch purple_belt purple_eyes purple_hair purple_rope red_trim rope scaramouche_(genshin_impact) shimenawa short_sleeves smile solo suyi42478390 tassel tomoe_(symbol) tube white_rope white_trim

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