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Covers images featuring old looking (wrinkled face) men. Immortals aren't counted unless they look old.

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 4girls 5boys absurdres armchair beard ceiling chair child commentary dragon drawing_(action) dutch_angle eastern_dragon english_commentary facial_hair freckles glasses greyscale hair_bun hair_over_shoulder hat highres holding holding_calligraphy_brush indoors ink_bottle kite leaning_back leaning_forward leaning_to_the_side long_hair long_sleeves monochrome multiple_boys multiple_girls old old_man old_woman open_mouth original painting_(object) profile round_eyewear shirt short_hair short_sleeves single_hair_bun sleeves_rolled_up smile spilling striped_clothes striped_shirt surprised surreal t-shirt through_medium through_painting transparent twintails yunkey
 1boy 1girl absurdres ass_grab bald blonde_hair blue_eyes breast_press breasts completely_nude eyelashes faceless faceless_male facial_hair highres huge_breasts indoors kishi long_hair looking_back mustache nude old old_man original shiny_skin sideboob thick_thighs thighs wide_hips
 1boy akuma_(street_fighter) angie_(kani-ga-tobuna) bare_shoulders black_sclera colored_sclera frown looking_at_viewer male_focus muscular muscular_male old old_man portrait red_eyes red_hair solo spiked_hair spot_color street_fighter unfinished wrinkled_skin
 1boy adachi_koichi beard beard_stubble brown_theme couple facial_hair full_beard implied_yaoi male_focus mature_male minghii monochrome mustache_stubble old old_man pointing pointing_forward ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series) short_hair smile solo stubble upper_body wrinkled_skin
 2boys adachi_koichi beard brown_theme character_request cropped_legs deformed facial_hair full_beard grey_hair kiss kissing_forehead male_focus mature_male minghii monochrome multiple_boys old old_man ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series) short_hair sitting sketch_background upper_body wrinkled_skin yaoi
 1boy absurdres armpit_hair armpit_hair_peek bara beard big_belly body_fur bog_(sharpysketch) colored_skin facial_hair fat fat_man feet_out_of_frame floating_hair full_beard green_skin hairy highres long_hair male_focus mature_male monster_boy navel navel_hair nipples old old_man orc original pointy_ears ross_(doodlrenzo) short_shorts shorts solo stomach swimming thick_beard thick_chest_hair thick_eyebrows thick_navel_hair topless_male tusks underwater

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