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A kendo practice sword made of solid, heavy wood. It's shaped and balanced like a katana.

A bokken is a weapon normally used for solo training, not sparring. For that, the shinai is used, as sparring with a bokken will usually lead to broken bones or worse.

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 1boy 1girl aisaka_taiga black_footwear black_jacket black_pants black_thighhighs blazer blue_eyes blue_skirt blush bokken brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair closed_mouth commentary_request gakuran hair_between_eyes hand_in_own_hair holding jacket loafers long_hair naga_u pants pleated_skirt red_jacket school_uniform shoes skirt standing sword takasu_ryuuji thighhighs toradora! v-shaped_eyebrows very_long_hair weapon white_background wooden_sword
 1boy bare_back blue_shorts bokken brown_footwear brown_hair floral_background food from_behind fruit highres holding holding_sword holding_watermelon holding_weapon kunou_tatewaki looking_to_the_side ranma_1/2 sandals short_hair shorts signature sweat sweatdrop sword towel towel_around_neck wanta_(futoshi) watermelon weapon wooden_sword
 1girl ash_arms bare_shoulders black_horns blue_hakama bokken bottle bougu breasts ceiling character_request chest_sarashi convenient_censoring dojo from_below hair_intakes hakama hakama_pants high_ponytail highres horns huge_breasts japanese_clothes kendo kendo_mask kimono long_hair off_shoulder open_clothes open_kimono orange_eyes pants red_hair renlili sarashi seiza shouji sidelocks sign sitting sliding_doors solo sword translation_request uwagi water_bottle weapon white_background window wooden_floor wooden_sword
 blue_eyes bokken braid breasts cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout genderswap genderswap_(mtf) holding holding_weapon japanese_clothes ninja ranma-chan ranma_1/2 red_hair saotome_ranma single_braid sword wanta_(futoshi) weapon wooden_sword
 1girl absurdres bandaid bandaid_on_face bandaid_on_hand bandaid_on_nose black_hair bokken fate/grand_order fate_(series) highres mouth_pull multicolored_eyes necktie over_shoulder purple_background red_necktie shirt shotaalter side_ponytail sword taira_no_kagekiyo_(fate) ushiwakamaru_(fate) weapon weapon_over_shoulder white_shirt wooden_sword
 1girl 2boys ^_^ ahoge animal bad_food birthday birthday_party black_hair blue_eyes blue_hakama blue_kimono blush bokken bun_cover cake china_dress chinese_clothes closed_eyes commentary_request dog dress feeding food food_on_face fork fruit gintama glasses grey_background hadanugi_dousa hair_bun hakama hand_up highres holding holding_fork holding_plate japanese_clothes kagura_(gintama) kimono kojiro337 laughing looking_at_another multiple_boys open_kimono open_mouth outline oversized_animal plate red_eyes red_hair sadaharu sakata_gintoki shimura_shinpachi short_hair simple_background smile strawberry strawberry_shortcake sweatdrop sword teeth upper_body weapon white_dog white_hair white_outline wooden_sword

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