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When a character has a gun that covers the arm, or a gun instead of an arm.

Well known examples include Reiuji Utsuho from Touhou, Samus_Aran of Metroid fame, and the various incarnations of Rockman from the Rockman series.
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 2girls 4boys aile_(mega_man_zx) android arm_cannon ashe_(mega_man) black_bodysuit blonde_hair blue_hair blue_jacket bodysuit bodysuit_under_clothes brown_hair commentary_request cropped_jacket energy_sword facial_mark fang forehead_jewel forehead_mark green_eyes grey_(mega_man) grey_hair helmet high_ponytail highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket light_blue_hair long_hair mayutsuba_mono mega_man_(character) mega_man_(classic) mega_man_(series) mega_man_battle_network_(series) mega_man_legends_(series) mega_man_star_force mega_man_volnutt mega_man_x_(series) mega_man_zero_(series) mega_man_zx mega_man_zx_advent megaman.exe model_a_(mega_man) model_x_(mega_man) model_z_(mega_man) multiple_boys multiple_girls omega-xis_(mega_man) open_clothes open_jacket pants ponytail short_hair shorts skin_fang spiked_hair star_force_mega_man stuffed_toy sword vent_(mega_man) weapon white_pants white_shorts x_(mega_man) zero(z)_(mega_man) zero_(mega_man)
 1girl arched_back arm_cannon artist_logo blame! cyberpunk cyborg dang_chen foreshortening greyscale gun highres looking_to_the_side monochrome sanakan science_fiction short_hair solo upper_body weapon
 1girl arm_cannon armor character_name full_body futa_yuri_ryona helmet highres metroid metroid_(creature) monster nintendo power_armor samus_aran simple_background weapon
 1girl arm_cannon armor dstears full_body garter_straps hand_up highres indoors kneeling looking_at_viewer meme_attire metroid metroid_dread nintendo on_bed panties power_armor samus_aran side-tie_panties solo torn_clothes underwear virgin_destroyer_sweater weapon
 4girls angel_wings animal_ears arm_cannon bird bird_ears bird_on_hand bird_tail bird_wings black_wings blonde_hair blush bow bowtie braid brown_dress brown_headwear chick chicken closed_eyes commentary_request dress eye20806972 falling_feathers feathered_wings feathers french_braid girl_on_top green_bow green_skirt grey_wings hair_bow hat highres kishin_sagume long_hair long_sleeves lying multicolored_hair multiple_girls mystia_lorelei niwatari_kutaka on_stomach open_mouth pink_hair red_bow red_bowtie red_hair reiuji_utsuho shirt short_hair short_sleeves single_wing sitting skirt sleeping smile tail third_eye touhou two-tone_hair very_long_hair weapon white_shirt winged_hat wings yellow_wings zzz
 2girls 32zzz arm_cannon bare_arms bare_shoulders black_bra black_footwear black_gloves black_hair black_rock_shooter black_rock_shooter_(character) black_shorts blue_eyes bra chain dead_master flaming_eye flat_chest gloves highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon huge_weapon multiple_girls navel scythe short_shorts shorts sword twintails underwear uneven_twintails weapon

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