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Covers the entire franchise. The eponymous creature is tagged Metroid_(creature)

A sci fi action adventure series. The original game debuted on 1986 for the NES. The original game was directed by Okada Satoru and Sakimoto Yoshio and produced by Yokoi Gunpei. While there is still plenty of combat, the series is notable for it emphasis on exploration and interconnected world as opposed to dividing levels up into level 1, level 2, etc. As Samus explores the environment she gains access to new weapons and abilities that allow her to reach formerly unreachable locations.

The series focuses on the various adventures of the female bounty hunter Samus Aran as she explores various planets/space stations and battles space pirates. Most of the games in the series are notable for mostly having a comparatively small cast of characters and minimal dialogue due to Samus spending most of her adventures by herself.

Since the games often give more detailed endings as a reward for beating the game as quickly as possible, speed running the various Metroid games is very popular.

It is also well known for starring one of the first action oriented female characters in video games, Samus Aran, whose true gender was a major twist when the original game debuted.

The series is heavily inspired by the science fiction horror franchise Alien. The antagonist Ridley is named after the director of the first Alien film, Ridley Scott.

Although most of the games are made in Japan, the series has a history of selling better in the Western hemisphere.

Games in Series:

2d Games:
Metroid 1986/ Metroid Zero Mission 2004
Metroid II: The Return of Samus Aran 1991/ Metroid Samus Returns 2017
Super_Metroid 1994
Metroid_Fusion 2002
Metroid_Dread 2021

Metroid Prime series:
Metroid_Prime 2002
Metroid_Prime_2:_Echoes 2004
Metroid_Prime_Pinball 2005
Metroid_Prime_Hunters 2006
Metroid_Prime_3:_Corruption 2007
Metroid_Prime_Federation_Force 2016

Other games:
Metroid:_Other_M 2010

Recurring Characters:


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