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Tag type: General

When a character's face lacks any emotion or expression. Different from serious because there is a reason for anger or determination, such as a battle or a death. Here, the character is stoic for no apparent reason.

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2boys 2girls 2koma absurdres armpits arms_up bikini black_hair blonde_hair blood blue_bikini blue_eyes blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair bulge cleavage comic covering_crotch covering_privates crossed_arms embarrassed erection erection_under_clothes expressionless full-face_blush galford_d_weller hair_ribbon happy height_difference highres hisame_shizumaru humor large_breasts legs long_hair looking_at_viewer lowleg lowleg_bikini micro_bikini multiple_boys multiple_girls muscular muscular_male nakoruru navel nosebleed pointy_hair purple_eyes red_bikini red_eyes red_hair ribbon rimururu samurai_spirits short_hair shorts shy small_breasts smile snk surprised sweat swimsuit thighs toned
 1girl beret black_headwear black_skirt expressionless flower full_body grey_eyes grey_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hat hatoba_tsugu highres looking_at_viewer lying on_side pantyhose parted_lips rose shirt simple_background skirt solo suspender_skirt suspenders tsugu_(vtuber) virtual_youtuber white_background white_flower white_pantyhose white_rose white_shirt yur1ca
 animal_ears expressionless furry greyscale kamikiririp looking_at_viewer monochrome original shirt sketch tail white_background
 1girl adjusting_clothes adjusting_gloves alternate_costume asymmetrical_bangs asymmetrical_hair belt belt_buckle black_belt black_collar black_gloves black_hair black_horns black_jacket black_pants black_shirt black_suit black_vest blue_archive bright_pupils buckle buttoned_cuffs buttons closed_mouth collar collared_shirt commentary_request cowboy_shot demon_horns dress_shirt ear_piercing earrings expressionless formal from_side gloves grey_halo hair_between_eyes hair_flowing_over hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairclip halo hands_up highres horns jacket jacket_on_shoulders jewelry kawakami_shuuichi kayoko_(blue_archive) lapels long_hair long_sleeves looking_afar looking_ahead low_side_ponytail multicolored_hair multiple_earrings necktie notched_lapels open_clothes open_jacket pants piercing pocket red_eyes red_necktie red_ribbon ribbon shade shadow shirt shirt_tucked_in simple_background solo standing suit two-tone_hair vest white_background white_hair white_pupils wing_collar
 1girl absurdres asics bag black_skirt black_socks breasts brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt commentary english_commentary expressionless grey_footwear highres leaning_against_vehicle looking_at_viewer medium_breasts medium_hair mizzterbii nissan nissan_figaro original pink_sweater pleated_skirt shadow shirt shoes skirt sneakers socks solo sweater vehicle_focus white_shirt
 1girl arinu arm_rest barefoot blunt_bangs blush branch bush chibi closed_mouth commentary_request crown dirty dirty_feet dress expressionless faux_figurine flower gradient_background green_background green_dress highres horns long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails missing_eye moss overgrown red_eyes red_flower robot_(void_terrarium) sapling short_sleeves sidelocks sitting solo straight-on throne toriko_(void_terrarium) torn_clothes torn_dress tree_stump twintails very_long_hair void_terrarium

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