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Thigh boots, are boots that extend above the knees. Lengths vary from reaching just over the knee to reaching almost to the crotch.

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 1boy 2girls black_jacket black_shorts blade_(honkai:_star_rail) boots drill_hair drill_ponytail eyewear_on_head fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim glasses hair_between_eyes high-waist_shorts honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jacket kafka_(honkai:_star_rail) loika long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_girls pantyhose pantyhose_under_shorts pince-nez purple_hair purple_pantyhose round_eyewear shorts silver_wolf_(honkai:_star_rail) simulate_your_universe_challenge single_drill single_thigh_boot smile thigh_boots thigh_strap
 1girl arm_guards armor armored_boots armored_dress armpits battlement belt blonde_hair blue_armor blue_bow blue_eyes blue_footwear blunt_bangs body_blush boots bow breastplate breasts cape castle cleavage closed_mouth dark_knight energy european_architecture falling_petals faulds gauntlets greatsword greaves hair_bow highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon huge_weapon knight large_breasts leg_armor light_particles looking_at_viewer motion_lines night night_sky official_alternate_costume official_alternate_hairstyle official_art outdoors pauldrons petals plant senran_kagura senran_kagura_new_link senran_kagura_shoujo-tachi_no_shin'ei shiny_skin shoulder_armor shrug_(clothing) sidelocks sky smile solo sparkle star_(sky) starry_sky stone_wall sword thigh_boots tile_roof tower tree wall weapon white_petals window yaegashi_nan yomi_(senran_kagura)
 1boy 1girl 3d animated anus ashido_mina blurry blurry_background boku_no_hero_academia boots breasts clitoris clothed_sex cum cum_in_pussy cumdrip female_pubic_hair greatm8 hand_on_another's_chest happy_sex kirishima_eijirou missionary moaning naughty_face night nipples no_bra no_panties open_mouth penis pink_hair pubic_hair pussy red_hair sex sound sweater tagme testicles thigh_boots uncensored vaginal video
 1girl absurdres acheron_(honkai:_star_rail) asymmetrical_footwear black_choker black_gloves black_shorts bone boots chain choker coat coattails detached_sleeves full_body gloves hair_over_one_eye highres holding holding_umbrella honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) leg_tattoo long_hair oil-paper_umbrella purple_eyes purple_hair red_umbrella scabbard sheath sheathed short_shorts shorts single_bare_shoulder skeleton solo standing sword tattoo thigh_boots umbrella weapon white_coat yu_xiao_i
 1girl adjusting_mask belt boots bracelet breasts capelet commentary covered_mouth cowboy_shot curled_horns english_commentary hands_up hood hood_up hooded_capelet horns jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer maggi mask medium_breasts monochrome mouth_veil navel original parted_bangs revealing_clothes shorts signature simple_background sketch solo thigh_boots veil very_long_hair wavy_hair
 1girl absurdres acheron_(honkai:_star_rail) black_footwear black_gloves boots breasts cleavage commentary gloves gmirror1 hair_ornament highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) katana large_breasts midriff multicolored_hair navel purple_eyes purple_hair solo streaked_hair sword thigh_boots thighs weapon white_hair

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