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A sturdy item of footwear covering the foot, the ankle, and sometimes the leg below the knee.

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 1girl arms_up black_footwear black_gloves black_hairband blue_cape blue_gloves blue_hair blue_necktie boots breasts cape chest_harness closed_mouth crossed_legs eula_(genshin_impact) full_body genshin_impact gloves greatsword hairband hands_up harness high-waist_shorts highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon hydrokinesis indoors long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts medium_hair necktie purple_eyes shorts smile solo song_of_broken_pines_(genshin_impact) sword sword_behind_back thigh_boots twitter_username two-tone_gloves vision_(genshin_impact) water watson_cross weapon white_sleeves wide_sleeves yisu5131
 assam_(girls_und_panzer) black_dress black_footwear black_hair black_headband black_ribbon black_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes boko_(girls_und_panzer) boots braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair commentary_request cranberry_(girls_und_panzer) cup darjeeling_(girls_und_panzer) double_bun dress emblem fang girls_und_panzer green_eyes grey_hair hair_bun hair_ribbon headband highres holding holding_cup holding_stuffed_toy holding_tray jacket kneehighs legs long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_object makeup miniskirt multiple_girls one_side_up orange_hair orange_pekoe_(girls_und_panzer) peach_(girls_und_panzer) pink_hair purple_eyes rareoil_birth red_hair red_jacket ribbon rosehip_(girls_und_panzer) rukuriri_(girls_und_panzer) shimada_arisu shirt short_hair single_braid sitting skirt smile socks spoilers st._gloriana's_(emblem) st._gloriana's_military_uniform standing striped striped_socks stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teacup teddy_bear thighs tray twin_braids v vanilla_(girls_und_panzer) white_shirt
 5girls ? black_footwear black_skirt boots braid brown_eyes brown_hair commentary_request cranberry_(girls_und_panzer) frown girls_und_panzer highres jacket miniskirt multiple_girls peach_(girls_und_panzer) pink_hair red_hair red_jacket ri_(qrcode) rosehip_(girls_und_panzer) rukuriri_(girls_und_panzer) skirt smile sparkle st._gloriana's_military_uniform sweatdrop vanilla_(girls_und_panzer)
 1boy 1girl :d animal_ears blue_eyes boots bow bowtie coat coat_on_shoulders ear_piercing earrings fur-trimmed_coat fur_trim genshin_impact gloves gun hair_ornament hat highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon jewelry monochrome multicolored_hair necktie open_mouth piercing pom_pom_(clothes) pom_pom_hair_ornament punching red_eyes sigewinne_(genshin_impact) smile streaked_hair tanuki_nishi weapon wriothesley_(genshin_impact)
 1girl @_@ absurdres belt black_belt black_cape black_footwear blonde_hair boots cape daiba_nana dual_wielding erna_izrn full_body fur-trimmed_cape fur_trim green_eyes green_headwear green_jacket green_pants hat highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket katana knee_boots looking_at_viewer military_hat military_uniform official_alternate_costume open_mouth pants short_hair shoujo_kageki_revue_starlight solo sword two_side_up uniform weapon
 2girls :p boots brown_hair chimney_(chimney0311) dorothea_arnault earrings fire_emblem fire_emblem:_three_houses green_eyes hat hilda_valentine_goneril jacket jewelry long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls nintendo one_eye_closed pink_eyes pink_hair sitting skirt tongue tongue_out twintails uniform wink

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