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Tag type: General

This tag is used when one or more characters depicted are showing their bare shoulders.

Do not use when nude applies.

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1girl bare_shoulders dress full_body looking_at_viewer mutsuki_(blue_archive) red_eyes s_(hdru2332) smile solo white_hair
 1girl arm_tattoo bare_shoulders black_gloves black_hair black_jacket black_pants commentary extension_cord from_above gloves guweiz highres jacket jacket_over_shoulder low_ponytail original pants ponytail rain shirt shoes shopping_basket short_ponytail single_glove sleeveless sleeveless_shirt sliding_doors solo symbol-only_commentary tactile_paving tattoo tile_floor tiles turtleneck unworn_jacket walking white_footwear white_shirt
 1girl animal arm_tattoo bare_arms bare_shoulders black_cat black_gloves black_hair black_jacket black_pants blood blood_on_clothes breasts cat closed_mouth earrings glass_door gloves guweiz half_gloves hand_on_own_hip highres holding indoors jacket jacket_over_shoulder jewelry low_ponytail medium_breasts original pants ponytail profile shirt short_ponytail single_glove sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo stud_earrings tattoo turtleneck unworn_jacket white_shirt
 1girl animal arm_tattoo bare_shoulders black_cat black_gloves black_hair black_jacket black_pants cat glass_door gloves guweiz highres holding indoors jacket jacket_over_shoulder lantern open_door original pants paper_lantern shirt shopping_basket single_glove sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo tattoo unworn_jacket white_shirt
 1girl absurdres arknights arshuw bare_shoulders beads blonde_hair bug butterfly closed_mouth colored_skin dated dragon_girl dragon_horns earrings green_eyes grey_background grey_hair grey_horns hair_between_eyes hair_intakes hand_up highres horns insect jacket jewelry long_sleeves looking_at_viewer magic multicolored_hair necklace off_shoulder open_clothes open_jacket pointy_ears purple_hair purple_horns shu_(arknights) signature smile solo strapless streaked_hair trail tube_top unfinished upper_body white_jacket white_tube_top yellow_butterfly yellow_horns
 1girl bare_shoulders blue_eyes breasts cherry_blossoms clothes_down hair_ribbon half-closed_eyes highres japanese_clothes long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts pink_lips ponytail ribbon sakura_taisen seductive_gaze seductive_smile sega shinguuji_sakura smile

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