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After the act of sex/intercourse is finished. Telltale signs include used_tissues and used_condoms, cum/cumdriping out of any particular orifice, and heavy blushing.

Sometimes a character will be smoking a cigarette while the other is crying. This occurs when a character is ruined_for_marriage.

If the persons involved are still emotionally focused on each other, and it seems that the sex still hasn't really finished, but is merely winding down, then afterglow should be used instead. Also note that, while they can coexist, these two tags tend to be mutually exclusive due to reasons of conflicting mood and style.

Try not to confuse this with imminent_sex, which are the moments immediately before sex occurs.

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after_anal / after_vaginal

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1girl aftersex artist_name bare_shoulders bottomless breasts cum cum_in_pussy cum_on_body cumdrip disc_(needless) drill_hair eloztoatl headphones joints loli navel needless nipples open_clothes robot_joints shiny_skin shoes sidelocks sitting small_breasts smile thighs twin_drills white_hair wide_hips yellow_eyes
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