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Tag type: General

A character or person depicted has purple colored hair.

Purple being nearly any shade of color that is between blue and red.

Due to the subjective nature of color judgment and other factors (such as the lighting on the characters) there is an overlap between this tag and the blue_hair and pink_hair tags.

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 6+girls :d ahoge ari_(oshi_no_ko) arm_at_side arms_behind_back artist_request asymmetrical_bangs b-komachi_(original) bare_shoulders barefoot blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush breasts brown_hair buttons closed_mouth copyright_name copyright_notice curly_hair double-parted_bangs dress drill_hair fingernails frilled_dress frills green_eyes green_hair grin hair_bun hair_flip hair_ornament hair_ribbon hair_scrunchie hand_on_floor hand_up hands_on_own_thighs highres hoshino_ai_(oshi_no_ko) kneeling kyun_(oshi_no_ko) leaning_forward long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails meimei_(oshi_no_ko) multiple_girls nino_(oshi_no_ko) off-shoulder_dress off_shoulder official_art on_one_knee open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair oshi_no_ko own_hands_together parted_bangs pink_background puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_eyes purple_hair purple_ribbon ribbon sash scrunchie see-through_dress_layer shadow short_hair short_sleeves short_twintails sidelocks sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile standing star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) straight_hair swept_bangs symbol-shaped_pupils takamine_(oshi_no_ko) teeth toenails twin_drills twintails upper_teeth_only v-neck v_arms very_long_hair waist_ribbon watanabe_(oshi_no_ko) white_dress white_ribbon white_sash white_scrunchie
1girl animal_ears ass blue_eyes breasts cat_ears cat_tail dress gal_gun garter_straps gloves gun halloween halloween_costume highres kamizono_shinobu large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back million_arthur_(series) official_art outstretched_arm panties purple_hair seductive_smile smile solo tail talisman underwear watermark weapon
2girls animal_ears blonde_hair blush breasts cat_day cat_ears cat_tail chibi closed_eyes green_eyes hair_ribbon happy highres holding_hands japanese_clothes large_breasts long_hair long_skirt maria_tachibana multiple_girls open_mouth ponytail purple_hair ribbon sakura_taisen sega shinguuji_sakura short_hair skirt smile tail
 1girl animal_ears argyle argyle_background artist_name bare_shoulders black_background blue_bow blue_butterfly bonnet bow bow_choker bug butterfly character_sheet chinese_commentary chinese_text choker close-up closed_mouth commentary_request cross-laced_clothes cross-laced_footwear cross-laced_top crossed_legs eyelashes flower footwear_bow frilled_choker frilled_headwear frilled_wrist_cuffs frills full_body hair_bow hair_flower hair_ornament highres holding holding_wand insect knees leg_ribbon long_hair looking_at_viewer marking_on_cheek mary_janes miniskirt mioda_xi mixed-language_text original pink_lips pleated_skirt projected_inset purple_bow purple_bracelet purple_choker purple_eyes purple_flower purple_footwear purple_hair purple_headwear purple_ribbon purple_rose purple_skirt purple_wrist_cuffs rabbit_ears ribbon ribbon-trimmed_skirt ribbon_trim rose shirt shoes simple_background single_bare_leg single_wrist_cuff skirt smile solo strapless strapless_shirt striped_bow very_long_hair waist_bow wand watermark weibo_logo weibo_username white_shirt wrist_cuffs
 4girls anger_vein angry arknights black_jacket black_sweater blonde_hair blush bow brown_horns ch'en_(arknights) chain chinese_commentary chinese_text commentary_request cup dragon_girl dragon_horns eye_contact green_eyes green_hair hair_bow hatching_(texture) holding horns hoshiguma_(arknights) hoshiguma_yuugi ibuki_suika jacket lihouwang linear_hatching long_hair looking_at_another multiple_girls oni open_mouth orange_eyes pointing pointing_at_another profile puff_of_air purple_hair red_bow red_horns sakazuki shirt single_horn sleeveless sleeveless_shirt speech_bubble sweatdrop sweater teeth torn_clothes torn_sleeves touhou traditional_media trait_connection translation_request turtleneck turtleneck_sweater unfinished upper_body upper_teeth_only watermark white_shirt
2girls against_wall animal_ears anus ass bar_censor beecon_(bee_niji) bent_over blush boots brown_footwear censored clothed_female_nude_female colored_skin dress embarrassed eyebrows eyelashes female_focus fingernails from_behind full_body grabbing_another's_ass green_eyes half-closed_eye hat kneeling league_of_legends long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_back looking_to_the_side lulu_(league_of_legends) multiple_girls naughty_face nose nude open_mouth pink_shirt pink_skin pov presenting purple_hair purple_shirt pussy red_dress red_headwear scared shirt short_hair shortstack simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile spread_pussy standing striped_clothes striped_shirt teeth tiptoes tristana two-tone_headwear two-tone_shirt upper_teeth_only white_background white_hair yellow_dress yellow_eyes yellow_headwear yordle yuri

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