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Small, whitish structures found inside one's jaw. Teeth are use to bite, to break down food before they are swallow, and many other functions including self-defense.

In most drawings the teeth would usually be excluded from the picture unless it is a grin, crying, biting or others. Use this tag when the teeth are prominent.

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blonde_hair cannon chaosgrimmon digimon digimon_(creature) dragon energy evolutionary_line exogrimmon grimmon no_eyes sharp_teeth teeth wings
beta_design digimon digimon_(creature) dragon exogrimmon horns lineart monochrome shadow sharp_teeth simple_background solo tail teeth white_background
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claws cyborg digimon digimon_(creature) open_mouth sharp_teeth solo teeth tyrannosaurus_rex zekegreymon
belt claws digimon digimon_(creature) green_eyes sharp_teeth smile solo teeth tyrannosaurus_rex tyranomon
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