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Gelbooru's bastardized version of the term "curls". Means people [mostly female] with curly [usually ringlets] hair. Can be combined with twintails to get the twin_drills style. The Japanese term for this type of hair style is 縦ロール (tate roll).

Notable drill hair characters

Kasane_Teto (of UTAU)
Amy_Sorel (of Soulcalibur)
Shirogane_Luna (of Ryuusei_no_Rockman)
Kirishima_Yurika (of Justice_Gakuen)
Matsudaira_Touko (of Maria-sama_ga_Miteru)
Tennousu_Athena (of Hayate_no_Gotoku!)
Tomoe_Mami (of Mahou_Shoujo_Madoka_Magica)

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1girl armored_gloves black_gloves blonde_hair blush breasts closed_eyes collared_shirt crown_(nikke) cup diadem drill_hair eyelashes gloves goddess_of_victory:_nikke hair_ornament headgear highres holding jacket jewelry large_breasts long_hair necklace sata_(satawahaha) shirt solo tea teacup twitter_username white_jacket white_shirt
 1girl artist_name asymmetrical_legwear bow bracelet breasts collared_shirt creatures_(company) drill_hair eyeshadow flipped_hair fur_jacket game_freak gameso gloves hair_bow hairband highres jacket jewelry klara_(pokemon) large_breasts makeup mismatched_legwear mole mole_under_mouth nintendo pink_eyeshadow pink_hair pink_lips pokemon pokemon_swsh print_shirt print_shorts print_thighhighs purple_eyes ring shaded_face shirt short_hair shorts side_slit side_slit_shorts single_glove solo thighhighs twin_drills white_bow white_hairband white_jacket
 2girls bare_arms blonde_hair blue_footwear blue_hairband blue_shirt blue_skirt bow brown_hair claire_francois closed_eyes commentary_request drill_hair ferris_wheel_interior full_body hair_bow hairband hand_on_another's_shoulder highres kikorinolily kiss long_hair multiple_girls night pink_skirt rae_taylor red_bow red_footwear red_shirt shirt sitting skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt watashi_no_oshi_wa_akuyaku_reijou yuri
 1girl areola_slip beach bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes blurry blurry_background blush bouncing_breasts breasts charlotte_(last_origin) cloud day drill_hair drill_sidelocks female_focus hair_between_eyes heart heart-shaped_pupils highres huge_breasts ituki_gi jewelry last_origin long_hair micro_bikini open_mouth outdoors shiny_skin sidelocks sky solo sunglasses_on_head swimsuit symbol-shaped_pupils
 1girl absurdres blonde_hair brown_hair brown_pantyhose chiori_(genshin_impact) commentary_request drill_hair genshin_impact gradient_hair grey_background grey_kimono haori highres japanese_clothes kimono knees_up looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair pantyhose ponytail red_eyes short_sleeves simple_background solo ura_(hamburg_oniku)
 1boy aoi_(yooo009) blonde_hair blue_eyes cavendish coat collarbone drill_hair flower hair_between_eyes hat hat_feather highres holding holding_flower long_hair looking_at_viewer male_focus one_piece open_clothes parted_lips red_flower red_rose rose shirt simple_background smile solo upper_body wavy_hair white_background white_shirt

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