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Sometimes, there is commentary (on pixiv, the artist's blog, or wherever) that might have important contextual information about an image.

This tag is a request for the translation of said comments.

When fulfilling such a request, do so in a comment on the post. Place the untranslated commentary inside quotation tags
like so
and the translated version below that.

When the translation of the comment is complete, please remove this tag from the image and replace it with commentary.

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The "キャプション芸" tag is often added to the post on Pixiv when this tag would apply.
Please do not tag an image as translated when the commentary request has been filled. That is what the commentary tag is for.

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 ... 1boy :t anger_vein animal_ears animal_feet black_gloves blush blush_stickers box bubble cat_ears character_request chinese_clothes chinese_commentary circle closed_mouth code:_kite commentary_request crown deformed fur_sleeves furrowed_brow gloves gold_headwear green_robe half_gloves hanfu highres holding holding_box kemonomimi_mode long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus mini_person miniboy niukou_kouzi nose_blush open_clothes open_robe outline parted_bangs puffy_cheeks red_eyes robe short_hair simple_background soles solo_focus sparkle speech_bubble straight-on white_background white_hair white_sleeves yellow_outline
 >_o +_+ 1girl :d blonde_hair blue_ribbon blue_sailor_collar blue_serafuku blue_shirt blue_skirt blush_stickers bow bowtie chouzetsusaikawa_tenshi-chan collarbone commentary_request cropped_legs hair_ribbon hand_up highres looking_at_viewer miniskirt multiple_views needy_girl_overdose one_eye_closed open_mouth pleated_skirt red_ribbon ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt skirt smile sushiuma_m twintails yellow_bow yellow_bowtie
 1boy 1girl absurdres angel_(drag-on_dragoon) black_socks blonde_hair blue_eyes blush brown_hair caim_(drag-on_dragoon) cardigan classroom commentary_request drag-on_dragoon embarrassed facing_another full_body hallway highres holding holding_mask kneehighs light_blush long_hair looking_at_another mask pants personification pleated_skirt pouch saki814 school school_uniform short_hair shy signature skirt socks valentine yellow_eyes
 1girl apron back_bow bare_shoulders beads blue_eyes blunt_bangs bow bow_choker bubble_skirt buttons center_frills chinese_commentary choker commentary_request deformed detached_sleeves dress dress_flower earrings eyelashes flower flower_earrings food food-themed_hair_ornament footwear_bow frilled_dress frills fruit full_body green_bow green_ribbon grey_background hair_beads hair_bow hair_ornament hair_ribbon heart highres holding holding_spoon jewelry jingli_jingli leaf light_blush looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_mouth open_mouth original oversized_object peach peach_blossom peach_hair_ornament peach_print pink_bow pink_choker pink_dress pink_footwear pink_hair pink_sleeves pink_wrist_cuffs puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon ribbon-trimmed_socks shoes short_dress short_hair short_sleeves short_twintails simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile socks solo spoon square_neckline teeth twintails upper_teeth_only waist_apron watermark weibo_logo weibo_username white_apron white_bow white_flower white_socks wrist_cuffs
 1boy 1girl blush breasts commentary_request cum cum_in_pussy cup faceless faceless_male long_hair love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! male_pubic_hair matsuura_kanan nipples nude open_mouth ponytail pubic_hair sex standing standing_sex teeth tomo_kusugawa toothbrush upper_teeth_only
 1girl blonde_hair blood blood_on_face blue_bow blue_eyes blue_hair bow chouzetsusaikawa_tenshi-chan commentary_request hair_bow hands_up heart heart_hands heart_hands_over_eye holographic_clothing korean_commentary long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mew_(mewrurirun) multicolored_hair multicolored_nails multiple_hair_bows nail_polish needy_girl_overdose one_eye_covered open_mouth pink_bow pink_hair portrait purple_bow quad_tails sailor_collar smile solo

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