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着ぐるみ, きぐるみ

A form of full-body cosplay.

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· animegao
· animal_costume
· zentai
· skinsuit

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 1boy :| animal_ears beard black_eyes blonde_hair chibi chibi_only closed_mouth cosplay cosplay_request facial_hair fake_animal_ears fake_horns fake_tail grey_background hakka_(ariel0104) halloween_bucket hood hood_up horns jitome kigurumi kumazaki_riku long_sleeves male_focus saibou_shinkyoku simple_background solo tail
 +_+ 1girl :d blonde_hair blush brown_hair colored_inner_hair commentary_request cosplay dinosaur_hood dutch_angle fang flat_chest green_eyes hase_yu heart heart_background heart_hands hood hood_up kigurumi multicolored_hair oka_asahi onii-chan_wa_oshimai! open_mouth smile solo tareme two-tone_hair venus_symbol zipper_pull_tab
 3boys animal_ears axe bamboo bandage_on_face bandaged_hand bandages beard_stubble belt black_hair black_jacket black_pants blue_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt colored_skin connoreatspants cosplay denim dream_smp dripping facial_hair formal glasses glatt gomi_(gomiidd) green_sash grey_skin grid hand_in_pocket heart hedgehog_boy hedgehog_ears hedgehog_tail highres holding holding_axe hood hood_down horns jacket jeans jschlatt kigurumi long_sleeves male_focus minecraft minecraft_axe minecraft_youtube monster_boy multiple_boys mustache mustache_stubble necktie open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pants pointing red_eyes red_necktie sash sheep_boy sheep_ears sheep_horns shirt short_hair slime_(substance) slime_boy slimecicle smile sonic_(series) sonic_the_hedgehog sonic_the_hedgehog_(cosplay) star_(symbol) stubble suit waist_sash white_shirt
 1girl animal_ears blush child collarbone cosplay fake_animal_ears fear_&_hunger full_body fur_trim green_eyes hashtag-only_commentary highres hood hood_up kigurumi kingjoshua looking_at_viewer medium_hair moonless_(fear_&_hunger) moonless_(fear_&_hunger)_(cosplay) orange_hair own_hands_together solo standing tail the_girl_(fear_&_hunger) twitter_username wolf_ears wolf_paws wolf_tail zipper
 amagi_(volfuji) bikini bikini_skirt bikini_under_clothes breasts candy cosplay food frilled_bikini frills green_eyes hair_between_eyes highres kigurumi kurosawa_ruby looking_at_viewer love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! medium_breasts navel needle red_hair sewing_kit sewing_needle stomach swimsuit wide_hips wrapped_candy
 1girl animal_costume ass barefoot bear_costume blonde_hair breasts claw_pose cleft_of_venus cosplay driftingtiger kigurumi long_hair nipples one-piece_tan onesie open_mouth original pussy pussy_juice simple_background sitting small_breasts tan tanline tongue tongue_out wariza white_background

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