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Tag refers to the dark skinned and busty hell knight who wears purple lipstick and works for Edwin Black from the Taimanin_(series). She has a beauty mark on her face and long pink hair that goes down to her legs. She is actually a demon, but she looks indistinguishable from a human other than her lack of physical aging. In combat, she wields a sword. Despite being the most prominent dark skinned character in the Taimanin franchise, she is depicted as light skinned as other characters in the live action Taimanin Murasaki adaptation. The Capcom Fighting Evolution character is tagged ingrid.

She debuted in Taimanin_Murasaki as a supporting character but is made the star of the anime adaptation of the game Makai_Kishi_Ingrid. Since then, she has become one of the more popular supporting characters in the franchise and has made supporting appearances in subsequent Taimanin Asagi games.

She primarily wears two costumes: an outfit that exposes her underboobs and a long cape draped over her shoulders and an office lady-esque outfit. She notably doesn't wear a bra in any of her appearances and even in her relatively conservative office lady outfit, her nipples can occasionally be glimpsed.

She is a proud warrior who is fiercely loyal to her master, Edwin Black, whom she is also in love with. However, she is also different from Black and most of his minions in that she isn't as ruthless as they are. She is a distant cousin to the shut-in demon Dolores_(Taimanin_Asagi) who Ingrid takes care of in her house.

She is voiced by Haruno_Sakaki in Taimanin Murasaki and Miwa_Satomi in Makai Kishi Ingrid.

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