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Artist. Belongs to the circle Afterschool of the 5th Year.
Artist name: カントク
Circle name: 5年目の放課後

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 1girl :o apartment ass bag blush commentary_request crossed_bangs door door_handle dot_nose emblem full_body greyscale hair_between_eyes hand_rest hands_on_own_cheeks hands_on_own_face kantoku kneehighs knees_to_chest knees_up loafers long_bangs looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side monochrome official_art on_floor otonari-san_(sasaki_to_p-chan) own_hands_together parted_lips pleated_skirt sasaki_to_p-chan school_bag school_uniform serafuku shadow shoe_soles shoes side_ponytail sitting skirt socks solo thighs tile_wall tiles toes_up
 1girl blonde_hair blush dress flower hair_flower hair_ornament henjin_no_salad_bowl highres kantoku looking_at_viewer sara_da_odin twintails white_background yellow_eyes
 1girl 22/7 :d arm_behind_back black_socks blazer blonde_hair blue_jacket blush breasts brown_footwear collared_shirt fujima_sakura hand_up high-waist_skirt highres holding holding_hair jacket kantoku loafers long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts miniskirt neck_ribbon official_art open_mouth over-kneehighs purple_eyes red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform shirt shoes simple_background single_hair_ring skirt smile socks solo tachi-e thighhighs transparent_background underbust
 4boys 5girls absurdres akutsu_(sasaki_to_p-chan) animal animal_on_shoulder bird bird_on_shoulder black_hair black_suit blonde_hair blue_eyes dress elsa_muller_(sasaki_to_p-chan) flower formal futarishizukashi_(sasaki_to_p-chan) green_eyes grey_necktie grey_skirt hair_flower hair_ornament hairclip highres hoshizaki_(sasaki_to_p-chan) japanese_clothes java_sparrow julius_muller_(sasaki_to_p-chan) kantoku kimono kneehighs long_hair looking_at_viewer magical_pink_(sasaki_to_p-chan) multiple_boys multiple_girls necktie official_art otonari-san_(sasaki_to_p-chan) p-chan_(sasaki_to_p-chan) pink_hair pleated_skirt ponytail prince_adonis_(sasaki_to_p-chan) purple_eyes purple_kimono sasaki_(sasaki_to_p-chan) sasaki_to_p-chan sidelocks sitting skirt socks suit tokyo_skytree twintails white_hair wide_sleeves
 1girl apron blue_apron blue_eyes blush breasts collarbone green_eyes grey_hair henjin_no_salad_bowl heterochromia highres kantoku large_breasts livia_de_udis looking_at_viewer medium_hair naked_apron open_mouth solo translation_request
 5_nenme_no_houkago absurdres highres kantoku shizuku_(kantoku)

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