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'''Hyuuga Hinata''' (or '''Hinata Hyuuga''' in English order) is a supporting female character in the manga and anime series Naruto. She is a kunoichi, a female ninja.

Her characteristics include long dark blue_hair, white(-ish) eyes with no_pupils, and large_breasts. Before the time skip (Naruto_Shippuden), she had short hair. She generally dresses conservatively, wearing outfits that cover almost everything.

Although she is brave in combat, she is very shy and quiet, especially around Uzumaki_Naruto, who she has loved since she was a young girl and is oblivious to her feelings. In fact, she is one of the few people who did not dismiss Naruto as a hopeless failure early in the story but due to her shyness she often watches him from afar. She initially suffered from lack of confidence due to her father Hyuuga_Hisashi and cousin Hyuuga_Neji looking down on her, but she has gradually grown more confident.

Even though she is a supporting character, she is one of the most popular female characters in the series. Kishimoto Masashi, in a 2010 interview, stated that his coworkers would frequently tell him that Hinata would have made a better heroine for the series as opposed to Kishimoto's intended heroine Haruno_Sakura. The anime staff is notably fond of her, which they have acknowledged and poked fun at in a Shippuden omake (bonus content). She gets more screen time and fight scenes in the anime adaptation than she does in the original manga. After spending the majority of the series in a support role, she is elevated to the status of female lead in the canon Naruto finale film, Naruto:_The_Last.

She is voiced by Mizuki_Nana.

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