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Long running and popular shonen action adventure manga created by Araki_Hirohiko. It began on December 2, 1986 and is still ongoing. It has received a few video game and anime adaptations. The most famous adaptation being the fighting game developed by Capcom that was originally released in Japanese arcades on 1998.

The series is notable for being divided into multiple story arcs, each with a new protagonist whose name can be written as Jojo, a new setting, and a new villain though a few characters show up in multiple story arcs. The seventh arc, Steel_Ball_Run, has concluded, and the eighth arc, Jojolion began on May 9, 2011. Arcs 1, 3, and 5, have received video game adaptations. Due to the distinct and mostly stand-alone nature of the arcs, each arc has its own tag. However, while the story arcs are comprehensible individually each arc references previous arcs and the outcomes of one arc do have an effect on subsequent arcs, so people wary of spoilers should tread carefully when looking up information about the series.

It has also received a few spinoffs:

Under Execution, Under Jailbreak
Rohan Au Louvre (part 4 spinoff)

Quite a few fighting game characters were inspired by Jojo's cast:

Stroheim (part 2) --> Guile (Street Fighter)
Lisa Lisa (part 2) --> Rose (Street Fighter)
Jean Pierre Polnareff (part 3 and 5) --> Nikaidou Benimaru (King of Fighters)
Kujo Jolyne (part 6) --> Han Juri (Street Fighter)
Kujo Jotaro (part 3) --> Bahn (Fighting Vipers)

Not a fighting game, but a clear influence:
Dio Brando (part 1 and 3) --> Zephyr (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow)

It is famous for its Stands, a special power introduced in the third story arc, Stardust Crusaders, and kept for the rest of the series, displacing the Hamon, as well as the vast amount of references to Western music. The manga is also notable for its, as its title indicates, bizarre scenarios, fights, and powers. Many of the fights, especially once the Stands are introduced, are also a battle of wits as opposed to straight brute force with characters using their powers in inventive ways. Even powers that don't initially seem useful can prove to be deadly. The original manga is also quite violent with the effects the Stands powers have on their victims being shown in explicit detail. It also has a notorious tendency to kill off dogs in a gruesome fashion. The series has a male dominant cast and has dipped into homoerotic subtext like Vanilla Ice's obsessive devotion to Dio and the famous Giorno healing Mista scene from Part 5. The series also notably takes a lot of inspiration from horror movies, particularly in its antagonists' designs and abilities.

Its distinctive art style, which is often characterized as being fabulous, is often homaged and parodied in fan art and other series. Araki's tendency to have his characters strike poses is also often homaged and parodied both in art and in real life.

Besides its home country, the series is notably very popular in France and in 2009 Araki was invited to the Louvre to hold an art exhibition.

Cyber_connect_2 has developed a Jojo fighting game titled Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: All Star Battle that will feature characters from all Jojo arcs to date and will be released on August 29, 2013. The game assumes that most of the players will have read the manga so a lot of elements that were originally twists in the manga are prominently shown in the trailers. The game is also extremely faithful to the source and many of the moves and animations are taken directly from the source. Its visual style also resembles the source though some character designs are slightly tweaked.

A TV series adaptation debuted October 2012 and is the start of an anime project that seeks to provide a complete adaptation of the Jojo manga. It alters the character designs of the original Phantom Blood arc, making the characters look leaner. The anime's characters were designed by Shimizu_Takako who was also the animation director. Perhaps inspired by Araki's love of Western music, the anime adaptation uses licensed Western music for its ending themes, starting with the song Roundabout by Yes. The anime, matching how each Jojo arc has a different tone, is also using different composers for each arc who have wildly different styles. The first arc's score was composed by Matsuo Hayato while Battle Tendency has a score composed by Iwasaki Taku. The third arc, Stardust Crusaders, was a full TV series by itself in contrast to the first two arcs which were combined to form a twenty-six episode series. Stardust Crusaders was split into two 26 episode seasons. Stardust Crusaders' soundtrack was composed by Kanno Yuugo. Jojo spinoff Under Execution Under Jailbreak was adapted into a stage play in 2015.

Arcs in series:
Phantom_Blood Vol. 1-5
Battle_Tendency Vol. 5-12
Stardust_Crusaders Vol. 12-28
Diamond_is_not_Crash Vol. 29-47
Vento_Aureo Vol. 47-63


Kishibe Rohan Gucci e Iku
Shikei Shikkouchuu Datsugoku Shinkouchuu
Shameless Purple Haze
Rohan Au Lourve
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan
Jolyne, Gucci de Tobu

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