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The facial expression where the mouth looks like a 3 on its side. Likened to the face of a cat, and commonly used to portray innocence or cuteness, or occasionally mischievousness, in an anime or manga.

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:3 ? absurdres anger_vein angry azuma_minatsu box cake cake_slice cardboard_box chasing creatures_(company) flareon food fork game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_4_pokemon heart hiding highres leafeon metal_gear_(series) nintendo no_humans no_pupils plate pokemon pokemon_(creature) sneaking spoken_heart spoken_question_mark
 2girls :3 alternate_costume blush_stickers cheek_pinching chibi closed_eyes commentary_request drooling facing_viewer feet_out_of_frame fingerless_gloves food-themed_pillow gloves green_hair green_pajamas green_shirt green_shorts hands_on_another's_cheeks hands_on_another's_face hands_on_own_chest highres kizuna_akari konohoshi low_ponytail lying mouth_drool multiple_girls on_back orange_gloves out_of_frame pajamas pinching puffy_short_sleeves puffy_shorts puffy_sleeves shirt short_sleeves shorts sleeping solo_focus vocaloid voiceroid voicevox zunda_mochi zundamon
 2girls 3boys :3 arikawa_hime azumo_momo blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bridget_(guilty_gear) closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request empty_eyes green_hair grey_hair guilty_gear hacka_doll hacka_doll_3 highres himegoto long_hair mars_symbol medium_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls onii-chan_wa_oshimai! open_mouth oyama_mahiro pink_hair purple_hair red_eyes speech_bubble spoken_mars_symbol spoken_venus_symbol translation_request two_side_up venus_symbol voiceroid wavy_mouth
 3girls :3 ahoge blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush_stickers braid chibi closed_mouth detached_sleeves futon gift grey_hair hair_down happy_birthday highres indoors kizuna_akari konohoshi layered_sleeves long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_girls open_door open_mouth orange_pajamas orange_sleeves pajamas pink_eyes purple_hair rubbing_eyes short_over_long_sleeves short_sleeves smile tatami touhoku_kiritan under_covers unworn_headgear vocaloid voiceroid yuzuki_yukari
 <|>_<|> 1girl :3 adjusting_clothes adjusting_headwear animal_ear_headwear animal_ears atelier_(series) atelier_resleriana black_hair brown_footwear cat_day cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail commentary_request different_shadow fake_animal_ears grey_eyes highres izana_kokoschka long_hair looking_at_viewer official_art open_mouth paw_print shorts solo standing standing_on_one_leg tail umiu_geso
 4girls :< :3 :d ahoge bags_under_eyes blonde_hair blue_hair chair cola colored_inner_hair commentary computer controller crossover english_commentary gabriel_dropout gabriel_tenma_white game_controller gaming_chair green_eyes grey_eyes grey_hair grin hair_between_eyes headphones highres indoors izumi_konata jacket keyboard_(computer) laptop light_particles long_hair lucky_star messy_hair mole mole_under_eye monitor multicolored_hair multiple_crossover multiple_girls night no_game_no_life o3o off_shoulder onii-chan_wa_oshimai! open_mouth orange_eyes oversized_clothes oversized_shirt oyama_mahiro pink_hair power_symbol rion_(user_ufvg8527) school_uniform serafuku shiro_(no_game_no_life) shirt smile star_(symbol) star_print swivel_chair t-shirt track_jacket trait_connection two-tone_hair white_shirt yellow_eyes

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