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Tag type: General

Use this tag when no humans or human-like characters (furry, monster_girl etc.) are visible in the picture.

See also:
still_life - for when there are only inanimate objects.

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 arm_blade armor card_(medium) character_name commentary_request copyright_name digimon digimon_(creature) digimon_card_game durandamon gold_armor no_humans red_eyes slashing sword tory_youf translation_request weapon
 all_fours bryweludramon card_(medium) character_name commentary_request copyright_name digimon digimon_(creature) digimon_card_game dragon fire fire_body gem no_humans shield tory_youf translation_request
 animal_focus artist_name bird blue_horns blue_sky blue_wings clockbirds commission dragon dragon_horns dragon_tail horns ice making-of_available medibang_paint_(medium) mountain no_humans original outdoors photoshop_(medium) simple_bird sitting sky smoke solo star_(sky) starry_sky sunset tail watermark western_dragon white_bird wings
 animal_focus artist_name blue_sky claws clockbirds cloud commission dragon from_side green_horns green_wings horns making-of_available medibang_paint_(medium) no_humans open_mouth original outdoors photoshop_(medium) river rock sharp_teeth sky solo splashing star_(sky) starry_sky sun sunset teeth watermark western_dragon wings
 angel_wings brown_headband choker closed_eyes commentary_request cross crown_of_thorns feathered_wings halo headband heads_together hug kiss lobotomy_corporation looking_at_viewer masyu_ori multiple_wings no_humans one_sin_and_hundreds_of_good_deeds open_mouth pink_background project_moon simple_background skull sleeping sweatdrop wavy_mouth white_wings whitenight_(project_moon) wings yellow_choker yellow_halo zzz
 absurdres ame_sagari bare_tree blue_sky castle cloud cloudy_sky commentary fantasy highres lake no_humans original reflection reflective_water scenery sky sunset tree

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