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Rubbing or grinding one's own crotch of one's own accord against an object (NOT another person), usually (but not always) for the purpose of masturbation. Does not apply to situations in which the crotch rubbing is unintentional or is being done by one character to another.

For rubbing against another person, use buttjob, frottage, grinding, penises_touching, thigh_sex, thigh_straddling, or tribadism instead.

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 1girl black_eyes black_hair black_sailor_collar black_skirt blunt_bangs blush breasts cameltoe clothes_lift commentary cowboy_shot crotch_rub everyntrge female_masturbation from_side hime_cut lifted_by_self long_sleeves looking_down masturbation neckerchief open_mouth original paid_reward_available panties pleated_skirt red_neckerchief sailor_collar school_uniform see-through serafuku sidelocks simple_background skirt skirt_lift sleeve_cuffs small_breasts solo sweatdrop thighhighs underwear white_background white_panties white_thighhighs
 1girl absurdres beeeeen black_hair black_necktie black_pantyhose boots boxers breath cleft_of_venus colored_inner_hair commentary crotch_cutout crotch_rub female_masturbation female_pubic_hair from_above hat highres last_origin laundry male_underwear masturbation merlin_(last_origin) military_hat multicolored_hair necktie pantyhose peaked_cap pubic_hair pussy red_hair red_shirt rolling_eyes shirt short_hair shower_(place) smelling smelling_clothes solo steaming_body table_humping tiptoes underwear unworn_headwear waistcoat
 absurdres blush breasts choker cleavage clothed_masturbation covered_erect_nipples crotch_rub female_masturbation gentiane_(girls'_frontline) girls'_frontline grabbing_own_breast griffin_&_kryuger griffin_&_kryuger_military_uniform highres leggings masturbation miniskirt on_table open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt panties physisyoon shirt short_hair sitting skirt small_breasts spread_legs table underwear white_panties white_shirt
 1girl absurdres animal_ears blush box breasts chups clothed_masturbation cloud_print commentary_request covered_erect_nipples crotch_rub curly_hair donation_box female_masturbation green_eyes green_hair hakurei_shrine highres horns kariyushi_shirt komainu_ears komano_aunn large_breasts long_hair masturbation masturbation_through_clothes midriff navel open_mouth public_indecency public_masturbation pussy_juice pussy_juice_drip_through_clothes pussy_juice_stain red_shirt shirt short_sleeves shorts single_horn solo table_humping touhou white_shorts
 1girl azuminonomizua blush bottomless breasts cameo character_doll clitoral_stimulation collared_shirt commentary_request crotch_rub female_masturbation greyscale grinding hair_between_eyes highres humping katou_asuka kuroki_tomoko long_hair long_sleeves masturbation medium_breasts monochrome navel necktie open_mouth school_uniform shirt skirt solo speech_bubble spread_legs sweat translation_request watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kangaetemo_omaera_ga_warui!
 1girl 3d anus ass bed bedroom black_eyeliner black_eyeshadow breasts clitoral_hood clitoris completely_nude crotch_rub earrings eyeliner eyeshadow female_masturbation fugtrup highres hoop_earrings jewelry legs_together legs_up life_is_strange lips long_hair lying makeup mascara masturbation nose nude on_back on_bed pov pov_crotch pussy pussy_juice rachel_amber reaching reaching_towards_viewer selfie small_breasts solo thighs uncensored

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