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Tag type: General

When a character is looking forward, but not making eye contact with the viewer. For example, characters facing sideways post #8644358 or at an angle from the viewer post #4396684; or facing the viewer, but looking upwards or downwards instead of making eye contact with them. post #8651614

If the character is looking forward and making eye contact with the viewer, use looking_at_viewer instead.

If they are looking forward and making eye contact with another character, use eye_contact.

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 1girl :d ;) black_footwear black_skirt blue_shirt blush border breasts brown_thighhighs chair cleavage clipboard closed_mouth collarbone commentary_request cowboy_shot crossed_legs doctor feet_out_of_frame from_below from_side full_body garter_straps gradient_background hand_on_own_hip hand_on_own_thigh hand_up hands_up high_heels highres holding holding_clipboard holding_pen holding_syringe holding_thermometer lab_coat leaning_forward leg_up legs long_sleeves looking_ahead looking_at_object looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side love_live! love_live!_school_idol_project medium_breasts medium_hair miniskirt multiple_views nishikino_maki office_chair on_chair one_eye_closed open_mouth outside_border paper parted_lips pen pencil_skirt pocket pumps purple_eyes red_background red_hair shirt shirt_tucked_in shoe_soles side_slit sitting skirt smile standing standing_on_one_leg swept_bangs swivel_chair syringe table thermometer thighhighs tsukimi_seiya white_background white_border writing
 1girl black_background blunt_bangs chainsaw_man collared_shirt dress dress_shirt facial_scar floating_hair fourth_east_high_school_uniform greyscale highres lips long_hair long_sleeves looking_ahead messy_hair monochrome neck_ribbon parted_lips pinafore_dress ribbon ringed_eyes scar scar_on_cheek scar_on_face school_uniform shirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo straight_hair taak_choi upper_body white_shirt yoru_(chainsaw_man)
 1boy absurdres adam's_apple blue_eyes blue_sky brown_hair closed_mouth collared_shirt fire from_side hand_up highres holding holding_lighter holding_paper lighter looking_ahead male_focus original outdoors pafujojo paper paper_airplane ribbon shirt short_hair short_sleeves sky solo upper_body utility_pole white_shirt wrist_ribbon
 1girl animal_ears aqua_eyes arm_up armpits bare_arms bare_shoulders closed_mouth commentary_request day ear_covers emyo highres horse_ears horse_girl horse_tail long_hair looking_ahead midriff on_floor orange_hair outdoors railroad_tracks red_shirt red_shorts shirt shorts silence_suzuka_(umamusume) sleeveless sleeveless_shirt socks solo stretching tail umamusume white_footwear white_socks
 3boys absurdres age_progression arm_guards armor black_armor black_capelet black_gloves black_jacket black_pants blonde_hair blue_cape blue_eyes blunt_ends blurry blurry_background bob_cut cape capelet closed_mouth dimitri_alexandre_blaiddyd expressionless eyepatch facing_viewer feet_out_of_frame fire_emblem fire_emblem:_three_houses flower fur-trimmed_cape fur-trimmed_capelet fur_trim garreg_mach_monastery_uniform gloves hair_over_one_eye highres holding_hands jacket leaf light_particles living201882687 long_sleeves looking_ahead looking_to_the_side male_focus medium_hair multiple_boys multiple_persona nintendo out_of_frame pants parted_bangs parted_lips profile reaching seiza short_hair side_cape sitting smile sunflower undercut upper_body wilted_flower yellow_flower
 1boy 1girl bird black_gloves blue_eyes blue_leotard blue_socks brown_footwear brown_thighhighs circlet closed_mouth commentary_request curly_hair dragon_quest dragon_quest_iv ebira fingerless_gloves gloves green_hair green_tunic hero_(dq4) heroine_(dq4) highres leotard looking_ahead on_tree pants short_hair sitting smile socks thighhighs tree white_bird white_pants

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