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推しの子 The title is a double meaning, it can either translate to My Favorite Idol or Their Idol's Children.

It is a showbiz drama manga that started on April 23, 2020. It was written by Akasaka_Aka and actually ran at the same time as his biggest hit Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. Both series are set in the same universe, but while Oshi inherits some of the humor of Kaguya-sama, it is much darker and more dramatic in tone. The manga was illustrated by Yokoyari_Mengo. It was adapted into an anime TV series by Dogo_Kobo. The anime began on April 12, 2023. It was directed by Hiramaki Daisuke, written by Tanaka Jin, and scored by Iga Takurou. This series has quite a few status quo shaking plot twists, so be wary of spoilers online.

It follows Amemiya Gorou, a gynecologist who works in a countryside hospital far removed from the big city. When he isn't working, he follows the career of teen idol singer Hoshino Ai, who he is a big fan of. Ai's world seems to be completely removed from his world, but one day he gets the most extraordinary assignment he has ever received. Hoshino and her producer approach him to help her deliver the twins she's currently pregnant with. Amemiya has to both safely deliver the babies while keeping the fact that Ai got pregnant a secret from the public because if word ever got out, Ai's career as an idol will likely end. Amemiya happily accepts the job, but when the day comes for Amemiya to help Ai give birth, he catches a crazed stalker who has found out Ai is at Amemiya's hospital. Amemiya manages to chase the stalker off but ends up murdered by him, forcing other doctors to help Ai.

However, Amemiya regains consciousness, but he is no longer in his adult body. He has been reincarnated as one of Ai's children, and his twin sister is also someone who has reincarnated as one of Ai's children! The two of them have full memory of their past lives, but agree to keep them a secret to avoid arousing suspicion. This reincarnation seems to work out perfectly for them as they get to enjoy being nurtured by their idol. Ai does her best to further her career as an idol while keeping the fact that she's now a mother a secret. For the Hoshino children, they get their first taste of Ai's life behind the scenes and begin dipping their toes into show business. However, a major personal event inspires the Hoshino family to dive headlong into the entertainment world, including its darker underbelly. . .

The series became Akasaka's second major succcess, with the manga selling over 3 million copies by October 2022.


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