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Tag type: General

Humanoid male forms made out of a usually transparent slime-like material.

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 1boy absurdres bara big_belly black_male_swimwear colored_skin doug_(monster_prom) fat fat_man green_skin hawaiian_shirt highres looking_at_viewer male_focus male_swimwear monster_boy monster_prom nifast_(greentail) object_through_head open_clothes open_shirt see-through shirt short_shorts shorts sitting slime_boy solo swim_trunks sword_in_head tareme thick_thighs thighs
 1boy ^_^ absurdres bara big_belly black_male_swimwear black_sclera closed_eyes colored_sclera colored_skin crossed_legs double_v doug_(monster_prom) fat fat_man green_skin happy hawaiian_shirt highres large_feet looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus male_swimwear monster_boy monster_prom multiple_views nifast_(greentail) object_through_head on_chair open_clothes open_shirt see-through shirt short_shorts shorts sitting slime_boy solo sparkle swim_trunks sword_in_head tareme thick_thighs thighs topless_male v
 1boy :3 closed_mouth commission curss demon_boy demon_tail demon_wings heart heart-shaped_pupils highres looking_at_viewer monster_boy navel original purple_eyes purple_hair short_hair skeb_commission slime_boy smile solo symbol-shaped_pupils tail tongue tongue_out wings
 1boy bara black_skin colored_skin cowboy_shot dutch_angle evil_smile large_pectorals long_tongue male_focus monster_boy muscular muscular_male outstretched_arms pectorals saliva sharp_teeth slime_boy smile solo spread_arms standing symbiote teeth tongue tongue_out venom_(2018) venom_(marvel) weatherbane
 5boys abs alternate_universe anima_(another_eidos) animal_ears another_eidos-r azmond_(another_eidos) bara bare_pectorals beamed_eighth_notes beard body_fur book braid brown_fur chain chest_hair chibi curled_horns drink eighth_note equus_(another_eidos) facial_hair forte_(another_eidos) full_beard furry furry_male gakuran goat_boy goat_ears goat_horns goat_tail highres holding holding_book holding_drink hooves horizontal_pupils horns horse_boy horse_ears jacket jade_(another_eidos) lightning_bolt_symbol long_hair looking_at_another low_twin_braids male_focus monster_boy multiple_boys multiple_horns muscular muscular_male musical_note mustache_stubble navel navel_hair nervous_sweating nipples open_clothes open_jacket pectorals satyr school_uniform scribble semi-rimless_eyewear signature simple_background sleep_mask slime_boy snake stubble sweat thigh_strap tongue tongue_out twin_braids white_background yanai_inaya
 1boy absurdres artist_logo artist_name black_sclera black_skin blue_eyes blue_tongue collar colored_sclera colored_skin colored_tongue core english_text gradient_background grey_background highres looking_at_viewer male_focus monster_boy multiple_views open_mouth original pink_background pink_collar slime_boy spiked_collar spikes trina_(pckgmeat) upper_body

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